23-24 August 1942

This letter covers two days.

Too bad Walt thinks that talking about the war would bore Ruth. Maybe it would, even though we might like to hear it.

There’s some talk on the second day that must refer to outhouses, because Walt brings up “The Passing of the Backhouse” by James Whitcomb Riley. I had never heard that name for an outhouse before, nor of this elaborate poem about one.

A transcript follows the letter images.












Aug 23, 1942.

I love You,

Hello Ruth,

Here i am again. Two letters in one day is almost more them you can stand isn’t it? I’ve so much time to waste that I don’t know exactly what to do with it all.

(Neither) I can’t think of anything  (ep) too say either, so I may finish this tomorrow.

I was reading some up to date war news and I don’t think the New Nited States is as well off in regards to this war as most people think it is.


I was going to start a bunch of B.S. about the war but I don’t imagine it would interest you very much.

I hear a syphony coming over a distant radio that I’ll bet would would interest you tho—I like the sound of it.

I got a card from your mother last week—said she was “doing Cleveland”—Wish I could be doing the same—with you right with me.

I really should write your mother—I am ashamed of myself for not doing so but I never can think of anything


to say. I do like to hear about your mother and dad tho.

Say—what do you think of to write when you correspond with my mother. Maybe that will give me and idea.

Everytime I start to write somebody comes in and interrupts me. I have to sign the logs in and out when they leave the Troop area. I also have to make bedcheck at 11:00 and see that everybody is in bed.

Well—Guess I’ll have to quit now—They are bothering me too much

See you tomorrow

I Love You. Walt


Aug 24, 1942

Hello Sweetheart,

As you (l) can plainly see I didn’t get a chance to finish the second letter yesterday, The fellows who were returning to Camp kept me too busy.

Rummel’s feet were covered with blisters from a long hike the other day—I’m glad I didn’t have to take it. I haven’t seen Margie since you and I saw her last.—Margie and Rummel don’t date each other anymore—It was understood in the first place that she was engaged to another soldier and I guess she is to marry him soon—He is a nw new—Lt.


I guess she must of felt sorry for poor down hearted Rummel or something to that effect. I don’t like the idea very much tho.

Pierce and Fields are perfectly O.K.

So you are going to Ice Cream Socials and etc. And did I understand that —Say didn’t you ever read “The Passing Of The Backhouse” by James Whitcomb Riley.—What in the world will you do this winter—Say did that inspire that “Super Duper Pooper Scooper.” If you get enough practice there won’t be any need for us


to move into a modern manor after were married. Will there? I’ll just throw up a log cabin some place and did a small hole and nail a stick (illegible cross out) between a couple of trees. Ha.—and tie a “[illegible initials] up on a string—”Home Economics. This winter when it is ice rimed and hoary with frost just think of me and maybe you will be warm enough to gather courage.—Ha.

Say—where in the devil do you sleep there anyway—I was just wondering, I might come sneaking along some night and catch you by surprise. Tank so?

Getting a cold are you—better be careful Honey—bad bussiness [one s above line and two below]


I have a slight cold myself—caught it the night we stayed out all night.

Yeah I see your Sweetheart once in a while—Just as good looking as ever—Ha—His hair is back to full length now and I do mean full length. I don’t know whether that is good or bad but I like it that way. He still loves you just as much as ever in fact as much as he can. I Love you too. Ha.

Say—you never tell me about Ruby Rae and her troubles anymore or is everything concerning her under control—I doubt it.

And Ruth Mae, does she ever have any “croublations”


or does she have everything under control also.

Well Honey—Seems to me that I’ve said everything that I can think of for tonight—So—

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Maybe if you wish (soon) hard enough I might be able to get a furlough some of these days.

Better hope pretty hard because I haven’t much chance right now under the circumstances.

I Love You  x Walt x

Note inside envelope:

I love my Ruth.

x Walt x

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