23 August 1942

Normally, if he doesn’t have smaller note paper, Walt would take a large sheet of paper and fold it into fourths, writing on each side as you might in a card. Here, he wrote on the entire sheet as a single page, but the pages were too large to scan completely, so I folded them in half. Each page takes up two images below, but I’m not going to call the second of each an unnumbered page; I’ll just continue the transcription as one page. Here’s what the full pages look like:


A transcript follows the letter images.












Aug 23, 1942.

I Love You.

Hello Sweetheart,

This is a lovely Sun., wish I could spend it with you then I wouldn’t ask for anything more for I’d be the happiest guy you ever saw.

There is a bomber flying around the airport, would I ever like to be at the controls on one of them—It sure would be the “berries.”

I received the “testament” today but no letter probably will get two tomorrow. I usually do—Thats one thing I depend on—your letters.

I have time on my hands and I can’t think of anything to say—Don’t know why,—my mind is just a blank for some reason or another.

Do you remember “Does Your Heart Beat For Me”—Last night that tune kept running thru my mind—everytime I started to hum something it would turn into that song—I like heem—Purty I think.

Do you remember our little (ep) adventure at Lowells?—No doubt you do I’m sure I


remember it—Well—Last night I heart Pierce and Switz Schweitz talking when they thought everybody in our tent was sleeping—Ha—They have done the same thing with the girls they are engaged to and got just as far as we did but no further—It seemed kind of funny to me. Schweitz said he took his girl to his sisters one night and for some reason they couldn’t go back home. In the morning his sister left at 5:00 to go to work—He said—Ha—He said he just knew his girl was awake so he called her name kind of low,—nothing happened,—he tried it again in the same voice—he said that he heard two feet hit the floor in a flash and she came over and they slept till 11:00—I can imagine how much sleeping they did but he said he didn’t do any good. Ha.—Later on she wrote him a letter of apology for being so brazen and bold—Ha—Ha—Ha—Did that tickle me.

Pierce said he went down to his girls place one evening (she lives in Kentucky) He drove in the front yard went up to the house, knocked at the door and nobody answered—He said he was pretty sure she was home because he had a date with her—The family was gone tho—As he was in the habit


of just walking in (like me) he went in—didn’t see anybody—He had to go—So he went upstairs and when he passed her room—there she was sleeping (half dressed) (half undressed) She had started to get ready for the evening and had went to sleep—Ha—He said he was in doubt just what to do—So he did it—Ha. He said her family didn’t come back that night and (as) therefore he couldn’t see any sense in going anywhere so he (they) stayed there—It didn’t do him any good either—But he isn’t about to forget it.

So you see my dearest—We aren’t the only ones. Are we? No Maam. It must be old Mother Nature or well—I probably could think of several (m) names for it. Nobody got hurt so—guess it wasn’t my fault tho—or was it.—Ha.—

Oh well—There will come a day—when—We will have a little place all to ourselves—I hope a hope—Don’t you? Then we can do whatever we want—Have a home and everything that goes with it—Can’t we Honey. Those will be the days when the sun will really shine—That is


the main thing I keep looking forward too. I hope it isn’t to long before we can do something about the situation.

I suppose you are home today—and I also suppose Ruthie is back and your Grandmother is probably having a fit. I’ll bet that house will be half tore down wont it.

I wish you and I could be at your place again on a Sun. afternoon when everybody was gone—Nobody to bother us,—you could bake cookies or sompin—Ha. It would probably be allright if I would keep my mouth shut unh?

No—We could listen to some good music, couldn’t we?—Or take a walk in the park—And you could give me a little kiss now and then—couldn’t you? Well Honey—Guess that is enough remembering for one Sun. afternoon isn’t it. So—

Until tomorrow Sweetheart

Good Afternoon

I Love You very, very much

x Walt x

I love you.

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

x Walt x

Love and Kisses

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