25 August 1942

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Aug 25, 1942

I love you,

Hello Sweetheart,

Do you love your Honey? Sure I know you do—I just ask you for the fun of it or the heck of it or sompin’.

Colds worse is it?—Better keep care of it—or rather get rid of it—they are an unwanted quantity or sompin.

I won’t be able to write very much tonight as I have to work a little on my 15 min. talk and it is almost dark now.

It rained like the devil tonight (today) I guess that is the reason it is getting dark


so quick—Clouds.

It is dark when we get up in the morning now—Old man winter isn’t far away now.

Just think it was winter when I left—I would like to come home before it comes winter again. I like to be there while the sun is still shining, and we could walk a little without puting on coats etc. Oh well—cross your fingers. x-xxxx-xxx I have mine crossed all the time.

Tomorrow I will be 23, can you fancy that and 1 yr. ago tomorrow I met the most beautiful, the sweetest, the nicest, kindest little darling


in the world—Would I was meeting her tomorrow.

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

I love you more then ever Honey.


x Walt x

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