26 August 1942

It’s Walt’s birthday 🎁 and also the anniversary of his (or him or sompin’) meeting Ruth 💘

A transcript follows the letter images.







Aug 26, 1942

I love you Ruth.

Hello Honey,

I hope your cold is better, Mine is practically gone.

Under the circumstance (the army) I had one of the happiest birthdays that I ever had. It was a honey. It couldn’t of turned out any better then it did—Your card, letter and box arrived today at noon—couldn’t have been timed better if you were here (wish you were). The ring is beautiful—I couldn’t have picked one I liked as well if I had of been there—Its plain, strong cut, and as black as deepest night


It is perfect Honey.—If you like your ring as well as I like this one I’ll be perfectly satisfied. I don’t see how it can be so black and still shine. It does tho.

The cards will come in handy,—The candy is gone—ha—The boys made short work of it and the cigarettes are half gone already,—There was only one guy in our tent who had any cig. (Pierce) I was smoking his.—So—I gave four packs to guys and if Pierce runs out he and I will smoke up mine—Pierce and I work on a cooperative plan—What is our’s is each others—that was a queer statement unh?

I got a card from Aunt Ruth



Say—That was a very nice piece of sentiment in the card you sent me—It was O.K. I’ll probably need somebody to watch over me.

One year ago—wasn’t it Honey?

I hope before another year is over we can start all over again—And then I’ll not kick any more.

Well Honey—Guess I’ll say Goodnight

’till tomorrow

I Love You

x Walt x

I Love You

Thanks for everything.

Love x Walt x

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