27 August 1942

There’s a bonus in this letter—a sketch of Walt by some guy in his platoon. It looks like the signature is the last name Blatt. Walt says it’s not very hot, but maybe he means that it’s simple and not on good paper. Otherwise, I think it looks pretty accurate:

Finally, Walt has taken the test for the Air Cadets, the first step that will take him to San Antonio.

A transcript follows the letter images.








Aug 27, 1942

I love you,

Good Evening Darling,

I’m sorry I didn’t write more last evening but to tell the truth of the matter I couldn’t think of anything good enough to suit the occasion. I sure was one happy “feller”—Pierce said I got blood in my eye every time somebody touch my ring, and that I went around all night with my head in the air.—Ha. It sure is a Honey—It is (oxy) onyx isn’t it?—or is it? I think it is.

Did you buy it for any particular reason or just because you liked it? I just wondered—I think it’s perfectly beautiful.

And my head is up a little


higher today—I took the exams for the Air Cadets and passed with colors. Both the written and physical. There were about 75 fellows who took it—Mostly civilians (3 G.I’s.) One of the fellows who corrected the papers said that I had the highest mark up till that time and there were only about 15 fellows took—It was kind of stiff. 150 questions and I got 118 of them—the average marks were around 90—One fellow got (9) wow.

I have to go back in 2 wks and sign a few papers. I’m not in it yet by a long shot. If everything goes allright


it may (b) even be months then before I get called. Wish I would get called pretty soon, then I’d get a furlough—Ha.

They gave out the names of the ones who get furloughs—only 3 fellows out of our platoon get them—Isn’t that the berries.

A fellow made a sketch of me tonight—it isn’t so hot I’m sending it tho—If you think it is any good—I’ll get a good one made.—He is in my platoon.

Well-Well—so you are officially a member now unh?, Don’t forget your Honey as he probably need a few words in his behalf


Your doing allright Honey keep it up,

Yep—I’m going to be a good little boy so I’ll get a letter tomorrow—I’m always a good little boy—Am I not?


Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt x

P.S. I Love You

x xxxx xxx

x xxxx x


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