28 August 1942 (2)

A transcript follows the letter images.







Aug 28, 1942

I Love You

Hello Ruth,

How is my Honey tonight? O.K.? I hope so. I am the same as usual except slightly nervous about tomorrow morning’s speech—I haven’t anything prepared as yet—I’ve read every thing I can find on it but nothing worth talking about.

I would like to see your little red shoes—bet they are cute.

Yeah, I tho’t I noticed a (difference) change in your lipstick—It is O.K. too.—Is it kiss proof? I would sure like to find out.


Hmmm—So you like Orchids hmmm—you do. Fine—I don’t know whether I do or not—I don’t believe I ever got a good look at any. I guess they must be alright tho if you like them, everybody else seems too, also.

Say—What are American beauty roses. Can you tell me. I don’t know why I’m so interested now—I just want to know.

Every time I start to write somebody has to talk to me—I suppose you have the same trouble—unh?

I’m glad you and I have similar ideas on our kind of music.—I hope someday you’ll be able


to make use of your lullabys—don’t you! Why sho—guess that is natural.

If things keep on the way they have been it will probably be Christmas before I get home—then maybe we can go to your musical. I hope so.

Speaking of lullabys—Ha—You can sing me to sleep—think so. Turn about is fair play—I’ll hold you while you go to sleep and another time you’ll sing me to sleep—Ha—Don’t worry Honey—I’d rather hold you and —let you sleep or keep you awake.

Well Honey—Guess I’ll have to sign off for now—think


I’d better?

Guess you know I ditched my little red ring—Oh I’ve still got it—But I like yours much better—It is a beauty.

Well—as I said before—

Until tomorrow

Good Evening Sweetheart

I love you

I love you

x Walt x

(             )

telepathy—(remeb) remember?

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