28 August 1942

This short note simply introduces  a clipping of a poem Walt likes.

A transcript follows the letter images.




I like this

Do you?

Love, Walt

Clipping from newspaper or magazine:

Shall we regret the lost and lovely spring
That woke while you and I were yet apart?
And must we mourn because a bluebird’s wing,
Unseen by me, was thrilling to your heart?
What radiant constellations crossed the sky
While I was witness and you lay asleep!
Such countless gifts, beloved, you and I
Have separately received and separate keep.
Yet, though the star and and migrant bird were fair
And we were young,—such benefit is proved
But dust to the munificence we share
Within a world awakened by our love.
We had no intimate vision of the land
Until we watched together, hand in hand.

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