3 August 1942

I think this is the first time Walt has spelled received correctly!

The post office is getting serious about the incorrect address for Ruth, stamping a big pointing finger at Walt’s return address. I think the stamp says it’s being returned to the writer, but it’s very faint. Anyway, the original postmark in Kansas is August 4, and there’s another postmark on the back for August 7 in Warren, Ohio. When this finally arrived would just be a guess.

A transcript follows the letter images.






Aug. 3, 1942.

I love you,

Honey, I read one of the nicest letters I’ve ever received today.

If it was possible to make the difference I would almost say it was the nicest. I could even hear your little concert away out here. And such selections—the best I sure would like to hear them—Just you and I to listen, and not another sound unless I whispered to you, or, I leaned a little bit and caught a whisper in return. (truly) Truly Honey—”La Paloma” seems to come out of the air itself, and when you and “it” come out of the air together my chest feels as if it would break. I don’t know a word of the song, I


never did pay much attention to the words of a song—It needs no words—They are too inad——useless to explain,—That is the same way I feel about you I never could get it into the proper phrasing. But Honey you came closest to it in this letter.

“Because God Made “T”hee “M”ine, I’ll cherish “Y”ou.—”Because God made thee mine.”—To think that a girl like you would think of me in connection with words like those sends a chill down “even” my back.

This is short Honey but it says everything that I can say tonight except once more—I love you, much more then you can know—Don’t misunderstand me—It is just so much I—don’t how to say it Honey

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx.)

(– –––– –––)

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