30 August 1942

Walt gave his speech on China and wasn’t impressed, even though his friends said it was good. He is itching to find out more about getting into the Air Cadets, so planning to go over sooner than required to find out more.

A transcript follows the letter images.







Aug 30, 1942.

I Love (illegible cross out) you.
no kiding—I do.

Hello Sweetheart,

You are my little sweetheart. You can bet your sweet little life you are.

This is another fine Sun. afternoon, wish I could have spent it with you, it would be much nicer.

Bennett and Saldibar both got a letter from Twila. I don’t know as I swept you off you feet or not—I sure was “teetered” back and forth on mine. (Ha)—I guess that is what Twila needs—and if it is ever possible for them to get together I’m going to “sic” Pierce


on her—He’ll either make her wish she’d settled down already or else (shelll) she will want to settle down with him. Ha. If Twila wants his address it is Cpl. Vernell Pierce—then same as mine—I’d give him her’s only I can’t find it.—He is a real guy.

I made my speech yesterday morn. Messed it up as I usually do—Some of the guys told me it was the best of the four.—I don’t hardly believe it tho.

I’m supposed to go and see about Cadets again in two weeks but I think I’ll go this week, and see (f) what I can find out—I may still have some


red tape to go thru and I would like to get it over so I would know what the score is. If I make it O.K.—If not—better yet. Ha.

That was a good one you pulled about the canopies under the bed. Be careful you don’t step where you shouldn’t—Tsk. Tsk.

So you don’t thing you’ld like to live in a log cabin unh?—Ha—Neither do I—I’m not about to live in a cabin—I think I would like a bungalow—What do you like. I would like a “comfy” place—built so it would be roomy enough, comfortable, and some privacy, also arranged so you wouldn’t have too much to do to keep


it however you want it. Your the boss whenever the time comes for that—I guess you are just the boss whatever or wherever. Right!

So you sleep with Thelma unh? I’ll bet you two sho do have some conversations Ha—or do you—I imagine you do—girls are probably like fellows—shooting the bull before they go to sleep—What does she look like anyway.

Say Honey—did you ever meet and talk to a blue eyed—dark haired girl on a bus when you were coming from Franklin to Youngstown?—Just wondered.

I’ve one sheet of paper left so I’ll save it ’till tomorrow. Goodevening Darling

I Love You x xxxx xxx  x Walt x


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