4 August 1942

Walt seems to have settled on a working address this time.

I have to add here, that I never knew about Ruth living away from home before getting married or what kind of job she had in Warren. But that’s just one of a million things I don’t know. (Not that I’d ever keep my life a mystery to my own children 😉)

A transcript follows the letter images.







Aug. 4, 1942

I Love You,

Here I am again,—Surprised? No wonder, Getting two letters in two days. I’m setting a record am I not.

I borrowed a couple of bucks off of Pierce and went into J.C. and got your watch—A new crystal, stem and strap—I got a leather strap for it this time—The other one was getting pretty badly damaged.

I still can’t get over the letter you wrote—It was a Honey.

Why am I always giving you excuses for soldiers drinking? Well Honey don’t ask me—I guess it is because I don’t think it is altogether right. I know you never said a word about me drinking. I never could understand (it) why


you didn’t—That was one of the many reasons why I liked [above line: loved] you so well, You never would say a word to me even when I (ke) knew that you knew I was (I) wrong, I’m very glad you didn’t, I always got sore at anybody when they tried to tell me something—I was (am) too conceited, think I’m too smart. Not that I would have tho’t anything of it if you had of told me about it. I’ll not give any excuses anymore.

Our regiment was supposed to leave on a hike tomorrow for Topeka—All vehicles, men, etc.—It was cancelled today and we are supposed to go next Wed. We always get “rooked.” I suppose someday I’ll get too much motoring.

How do you like your job by now, O.K.—Your stepping right up in the


world—You’ll probably get advanced if it is a new place. I hope you do—Only never get advanced too far (—just “kidding” Honey).

(W) You’re letters are starting to build up again, So you will probably be getting another shipment one of these days—I suppose I might just as well mail them to your home.—You can tell me where you want them.

It has been rather cool the last  couple of evenings—Reminds me of fall—Just think Honey—It won’t be long until fall is really here—I hate to see winter come in the army, I mean while I’m in the Army. I don’t why—I just do.


And another thing Darling—In a few days well be going together for a year. If only we could have spent that year together—I think we spent one of the nicest 1/2 year. That (a) (pe) two people could spend. And I hope we can spend more of them, one right after another. Only together for both of them.

It doesn’t seem that I’ll be twenty three either but I guess I will. Ha. I can remember when I thought anybody that was twenty three was old enough to know better—Now I don’t know what to think.

Love Me?—I sure am glad of that. I love you—I love you—I love you

’till tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love you, x Walt x

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