6 August 1942

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Aug 6, 1942

Hello Ruth,

Here I is again—Oh—I love you—almost forgot—(just forgot to write it)—I never actually forget it. Couldn’t do that if I wanted to, and I guess you know I don’t want to.

It rained a little last night and today—but the sun is shining now and it is rather warm. I wouldn’t mind (I) if it would rain about every other day and keep it cooled off.

At retreat tonight, everybody was standing at attention and was all shined and dressed up while the Capt. inspected us—I was the only one who recieved a compliment on n cleanliness and neatness, can you imagine that—Me—tsk.

T We are suppose to go to Topeka


next week (Wed.) I suppose it will be cancelled like the rest of the things they say they’ll do around here.

For some reason I can’t seem to think of much to say tonight.

Bert Hawkins sent me some magazines—very kind of him unh? He said he would send me some snapshots of places back home, If he does I’ll take a look at them and send them to you for the album—that is if you want to put them there, I don’t know just what kind of pictures you are putting in it—If it’s just for us and things we do—I suppose it would better to leave them out—

I’m in a predicrement [above line er; below line or sompin,]—After my money was all gone (damn fool) I tho’t ab about the things that I should do—one of the main


things was to get you something to commemerate are meeting each other, So it will very likely be late, but—better late then never. I’m sorry—because I don’t intend to forget such things as that.—That was the most important date in my history. Don’t you think? so.

Gee Honey, it sure is dead here when there is nothing to do—Like a graveyard—Say that reminds me—Ha-Ha—Remember the walk we took in a graveyard (wa) once—Tsk, Tsk—We didn’t get caught in that one anyway—I mean that (wa) one place that we happened to take a walk. Ha—I would like to take a walk with you in some nice, cool, pretty place—I am


sure glad you like to walk—or at least glad you let on you do. I guess you like to tho—because I believe you (g) used to suggest—Some day we will—but it sure does seem like a long time elapses before that someday rolls along.

It seems to me that the place your are staying at now would seem kind of dead to you—maybe not, but I don’t think there is much to do is there—Go to church a lot unh?—Well that is alright—I guess it is as good a place as any to go to. You’ll be teaching Sun. school again. Ha.

Well Honey

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note on back of envelope flap in Walt’s code:


as of tonight

x Walt x

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