7 August 1942

It looks like this letter might have been written over two days; Walt doesn’t date the second part nor mention it, but there are two closings, and there is no separate letter for 8 August. After the first closing, he continues with the page numbering instead of starting over with page 1.

Walt mentions his writing the incorrect address on a few letters and that one was returned.

A transcript follows the letter images.








Aug 7, 1942

Hello Honey, I Love You,

How is my Honey tonight? I hope she has received a letter by now—I addressed a couple wrong and one has come back. I send it along with this one.

Well Honey, I got my Corp. rating yesterday—That’s Okay isn’t it. Hope I can keep it now that I got it.—Ha—

We went for a 135 mi. drive today—The Troop + the Reg. Maintenance—and what I mean I put that truck thru its paces too. I got several (cop) compliments from the fellows who were w riding with me—They said I could take a curve faster and get away with it, then anyone they every rode with—I guess I don’t have to tell you that—Ha—All you have


to do is make yourself believe that there is wings on it and it will fly around a bend—Ha——Don’t worry about such stuff as that I was just kidding you.—This is my last sheet of paper—I will have to try and borrow some tomorrow.

Don’t wait on the book—Ha—Just ask me—Didn’t you know that I’m a leading athority on such subjects—Ha—

The boys are sitting around singing, one of them is playing a Guitar—Don’t sound so bad.—

Well Honey—This is the end of of the paper—So I’ll finish by saying—I love you Sweetheart—Love, Love, Love you. I think you are the sweetest [above line nicest; below line loveliest] girl in the world.

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


Do you know what I tho’t of the other night? I was laying on my bunk and just thinking as usual. Someday after I get out I’m going to get us each a ring—both exactly the same, they will be composed of yours and my birthstones—Mine would make a good base and yours a set. Don’t you think that is a good idea. I never heard of it before, altho it maybe as old as the hills—I guess I’ve funny ideas for the male side but I sure do like (jewelry) precious stones, or anything pretty—I guess that is why I like my Ruth so well. She is very precious—the most precious person in


my life—(Some) Someday Honey will make lots of dreams come true. If the timber holds together and the timber is going to hang together—If it didn’t I’d be spoiling a family tradition, I just couldn’t do that—Ha—Especially our family to be——That’s the main one to think about.

I’m sending a little——tonight. I tho’t it was kind of cute—It ought to give your big brother a laugh—Ha.

Well Honey—Another day—

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note inside envelope:

[two lines crossed]

I Love You

I Love You

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