9 August 1942

Walt mentions that another letter has been returned for an incorrect address, but that should be cleared up now.

Apparently Ruth is going to a fair, and there are two that she could mean. She could mean the Canfield Fair in Canfield, Ohio, a fair that was a yearly tradition in our family. It would be fairly close to where she lives. I still go, even though it’s a little farther for me.

The other fair could be the Fireman’s Fair in Rocky Grove, PA, right near where Walt’s parents live. That would make sense with his mentioning that his mother might invite her over. The fair has been scaled down in recent years, but there is this little bit of information about it from 2013. My mother took us to this fair many times, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve been there. I live fairly close to that area, and whenever I’ve met someone from Rocky Grove, we always talk about the fair.

A transcript follows the letter images.









Aug 9, 1942

Hello Ruth,

I Love You,

Yeah—I guess you did miss a couple letters—I got one back and sent it, today I got another one, I’ll send it back tonight. You ought to find out from one of them what I was talking about, I mean the ring proposition. Someday I’ll get us a matched pair of rings—I think it would be nice.

I didn’t write last nite as I couldn’t find any stationary, everybody had gone to town and I went to sleep, woke up after


dark and undressed and went to bed.—So—I’ll try to write and make up for it tonight—I’ll guarantee you it won’t be very long tho as the paper is vary scarce.

So you are going to the fair (maybe) unh?—Well if you go I hope you have a good time—altho I don’t think I would have one there unless I was with you—If Mom invites you over you don’t have to go unless you really feel like it—I mean—you don’t have to feel as if


you obligated to go—Its perfectly allright—Don’t get me wrong I just don’t want anybody bothering you—including her or anybody else.—I know she likes you and wants to help us out but I also know that under the circumstances people sometimes feel as if they ought to do something because somebody asks them. If you like to go there tho—Go right ahead because they will be glad to see you and it will give you something to do.

So much for that—I just


don’t want anyone bothering you—and I don’t care who it is.

There is a bunch of guys around here razzing me about you—They say you won’t be true to me, and they are singing “Somebody Else Is Taking My Place”—Just to razz me—Funny unh?—I guess you know I tell them to “Blow it out there exhaust pipe”—and if they had a girl like mine they wouldn’t have anything to worry about.


If my Honey lives up to what I tell them about her she sure is some girl and I know she is even better then that—because I’m damn sure I don’t tell them 1/3 what you are like—Because you are for me—personally—all mine—from now on—isn’t that right—And that goes for me too—And I know thats right.

Well—Honey—I’ll say

Goodnight Sweetheart

[unnumbered verso of page 5]

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

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