11 December 1942

This is the last letter I have for December 1942. Of course, someone else in the family might have a few hidden that they don’t know about, and I might even have some uncovered, but I don’t think so.

In this last letter, Walt doesn’t hold out much hope for he and Ruth getting married soon, and he is absolutely against her working in Texas. so the letters end on a dismal note, even though he says he will write more tomorrow.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You.

Dec. 11, 1942

Dearest Ruth My Dearest Ruth,

This is bound to be a short letter, but you will at least know I am thinking of you. In fact I have been thinking of you all day. I’ll bet an hour didn’t go by that I didn’t think of you. Things look pretty dull for us. And if we don’t make things go right this time (as planned I mean) I’m afraid it will be a good long time before we will be able to —This is no baloney—It is straight. The reason I’m telling you this is to get you prepared and to know what you can expect. I mean quite a long time too. I’ve fully decided against you working here. I am sure it wouldn’t work at all.

[unnumbered page 2]

For a short letter I know this doesn’t sound the least bit good. But it is the truth I guess. Might as well look at it straight unh? Honey?

There is one long chance—and that will be whether I will be sent to preflight or not—I don’t know yet and from some news I heard I’m not at all as sure as I was about going this time.

Does Ruth know this—I Love Her, Does her know it?—Sure she does but it has been quite a while since she has heard me say it. But just the same I do.

The jokes were O.K. Honey. If you get sweeter every time I call you Honey—Well. Guess you couldn’t get any sweeter. Honey. Ethel F. said she invited you down—but that won’t work either I guess.—Well—

Goodnight Sweetest

More tomorrow

I Love You x Walt x

x xxxx xxx (– –––– –––)

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