6 December 1942

Walt tries to talk about anything other than the topic of the last letter, and you can hear the silence on the recipient side of the letter.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Dec. 6, 1942

Hello Sweetest,

Are you my Honey today. Maybe your mad at me for saying no, but I’ll bet your still my Honey, aren’t you? I know that you know I’ll do the best I can for the two of us—Don’t you? Well—if I know that, then I need not talk about it unh? Righto.

I am on Guard today. Fine thing on Sunday isn’t it. I’ll be glad when we start our new training—I mean I think I will be. There is a lot of hazing at preflight. We have to memorize a lot of crazy things. It is like West Point I guess.—Like this.

Upper Classman—What are you famous for?

[unnumbered page 2]

Lower Classman—Sir, I’m famous for breaking toilet seats in half so the half assed upper classmen can have a place to ——. Ha And if you don’t have some kind of an answer like that it is just too bad for you You aren’t allowed to smile. When you eat you are not allowed to talk or sit down—You have to keep your —— 2 in. of the seat all the time you eat and also stay at attention. It is that way with everything all the time you are there. It is there method of disipline and I guess it is a tough one. Oh me!

Here is the ans to what some kind of a bird does—it flies in ever decreasing concentric circles until it flies up its own —— —That is just part of it—I don’t know the rest. Now if you want to do something—think up a few things I could be crazy for. They don’t necessarily have to be dirty. They can be tho.

[unnumbered page 3]

This is my last sheet of this type of paper—in fact it is all I’ve got with me right now.—I don’t know whether I’ll have gab enough to fill it up or not. Maybe.

It is quite a bit cooler here today—It is rather chilly to be truthful about it.

I’m expecting a few changes this coming week—I hope we find out something anyway—I’m getting tired of this marking time. I see by the papers today that they aren’t allowing any more enlistments now and that some of the older men will be released. Isn’t that something.

We are on guard here for four hrs and then off for 8—then 4—then 8. Four hrs. is a long time to walk isn’t it? Yes’m it is.

[unnumbered page 4]

Well Honey—It is growing close to six oclock—and I must quit for now. So—Take it easy—honey—and keep hoping for our sake. If not Christmas then for as soon as possible.

Good Evening Ruth

I Love You

With all my heart I love you.

x Walt x

I Love You

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