9 December 1942

Apparently Ruth purchased her own wedding ring, but it’s unclear if that means just a band or a set. Anyway, these are the only rings I ever knew her to have:

A transcript follows the letter images.



Nov 9 1942

Dearest Ruth,

Well Honey—Guess all you need is a guy and all I need is a gal and we could get married, unh? Ha-Ha-Ha—

Supposed to be funny but falls short unh? Yes indeed. I’m glad you got the ring, also the dress. It looks as tho all we need is the “leave of absence and we will be all set. I’m really glad you went ahead and got the ring—because you would naturally know more about what you want then I do. It may save some time one of these days when time will be preciouse.

My [two words illegibly crossed out] thoughts have had several set backs, run arounds, full speeds ahead and reverses over the answer to your question, moreso as every letter seems to indicate that you think I’ll answer in the affirmative. And I can

[unnumbered page 2]

plainly see why you would think that way as under ordinary circumstances I would have and could have said O.K.—But Honey—I can’t say it right now. I wish I knew enough so that I could say O.K. but I don’t. Here it is Wed. We’re supposed to be shipped out this week but not a word has been said yet. I think we will be allright, but just exactly when is another story. Nobody that I know knows.

t They are having “Open Post” tomorrow. The first chance I’ve had since we got here on the 17th. and I’m broke flat. It will probably be the last chance I’ll for some time so I guess Christmas presents are out altogether this year for me. Oh well. I probably wouldn’t have had any money anyway if they don’t pay me pretty soon—I’m not worried about it tho.t It is that much less to worry about. I would have liked to get have got you something but I don’t like to get anything cheap

[unnumbered page 3]

for my Honey so it wouldn’t have been very satisfactory anyway.

Everybody here is trying to get the “loudest” silk or “near silk” pajamas they can find Ha—I’m going to get me a pair someday—think I’ll make them Scarlett red or something like that—Ha. Funny but true.

I sure am getting tired of this place in a hurry, here almost a month and haven’t done a thing. Very boring or sompin.’ Ohe well—guess this will be the last week. Hope so.

I don’t know what to do Honey or what to tell you. Guess all I can tell you is to keep your chin out. x xxxx xxx

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

I xxxx You

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