10 February 1942

A charming little letter written from the “privy.” Sometimes, I like to find YouTube videos that recreate some content in these letters, but I don’t think I’m going to find Bing Crosby singing the “——house Blues.”

Update: I meant to add that this is one of many times Walt writes Front Street either as Ruth’s address or as his in the return address. It was his home address in Pennsylvania and clearly a habit. In this case, the letter gets rerouted or returned for the correct address.


Feb 10, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

Do you know where I am—Ha—In the Privy,—It’s the only place there are lights—as it’s about 10:00—I’ve been to the library—I’m sitting on —— there is a poker game going on, on the floor to my right—A man —— on my left—and farther left is another fellow writing—they call it when you write here they call it writing the ——house blues”—Ha.

I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner tonight—

We got paid today—good thing—I was flat broke and didn’t have any cig. I didn’t draw much $6.70 and I owed $2.00 for a Canteen ticket.

I recieved a nice box from Bert and Ma Hawkins today—It contained a few magazines—a carton of Camels—4 pks. of razor blades.—2 big candy bars—and a nice letter. O.K. Unh?

I guess I better sign off—But not without telling you how much I love you—I guess I can’t do that tho—as they don’t have large enough terms for that.

I see you tomorrow

Love Walt.

I love you


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