12 February 1942

Ruth must have sent a clipping of the cartoon Out Our Way, but there’s no clue about the topic, just that it might have been a joke at Walt’s expense.

“Tonight We Love” is set to a Tchaikovsky melody, as here in 1941 sung by Tony Martin:



Feb 12, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

Dearest Ruth:—I’ll write it again I just borrowed another pen—Ha.

“Out our way” was pretty good—you couldn’t have been razzing me could you pulling my leg or sompin? [curly bracket under razzing pointing down]

Boy + those were good pictures alright—Um—Um—kind of made me wish I was in Youngstown myself.

We had five hrs. of riding this morning—and drill this afternoon—tomorrow morning we fire the 45 automatic pistols on the range—I don’t think I’ll so as good with them as I


did with the rifles.—I hope tho.

And, My dear little lady—I shore have some sore spots or sore, big, spot. or a sore a s s. Ha—and I do mean sore and tender—Ha, Ha—Oh Well I’ll get used to it—I (hopp) hope a hope.

Are you my Honey?—Why sure, I knew you were—Just have to be, Unh?—Yep.

This is going to be very short—I’m going to write a couple more short ones to night and get them over with—then I’ll write you a good one—Of course you come first—always—but I just have to write a couple letters of thanks. Y’know.

Goodnight—My Love

I see you—Love Walt.

Say Honey—will you write the words to “Tonight We Love” for me—I never did learn it all. I love you. Walt

P.S. I love You


Say—is that Ruby and Howard or you and me—in the large picture—Unh?

I shouldn’t of said that



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