15 February 1942 (2)

This is one of many letters written on folded note paper, and you will see that I turned the double sheet so you could read it, although I scanned it on its side to fit onto one sheet. In most cases, Walt was kind enough to write the page number on subsequent pages, which alerted me to the way you’re probably supposed to continue your text on such paper.

If you didn’t figure it out or didn’t note where I might have written it before, clicking once on a letter image shows a larger image, and then clicking on that view shows the full magnified view. I have loaded the scanned images at full size for that reason. Some text is much easier to figure out when you zoom in (especially at my age).

Walt is not very impressed with the town of Junction City, even though it apparently has such things as the watch crystal he needs and the nice “something” he plans to buy for Ruth. I don’t know anything about Junction City, but I would imagine that a little midwestern town in the 1940s might not be very urban. But Fort Riley is still there, so perhaps it has grown to serve that population.


Sun.                             Feb 15, 1942.

Dearest Ruth:—

Well Honey—As you probably know I finally went into town, and sent you a telegram, and Honey “Thanks a Million” for the candy—It’s delicious—It just came this morning at a very opportune time. I had just eaten [ate eat or sompin.] my breakfast and had laid my weary bones back in bed when in came a guy with the mail. + candy. Um—Um.

I kind of “gyped” you the last couple of days, but Fri. nite we had to clean the barrack (making ready for inspection) until “lights out” and last night Jack and I went to town before supper and didn’t get back until 10:30. I will make up for it when I get back into town after payday. I found something


I think is kind of nice, So, when I get paid I’ll get for you. Hope a Hope.

I was riding yesterday and my horse [illegible cross out] stumbled and fell—I was lucky it was in sand. Boy honey—have I got a nice horse—He a dark brown—and does he shine—I have a hard time (controlling controlling) controling him. He wants to run all the time—And say—he can go like the wind. I catch a lot of H— for not riding him right, but I’ll learn, (if they give me time).

This Junction City I was to, last nite, is sure a “Junk Town.” Little, dirty—not much good for anything except “hot houses”. I think I’ll go in again for a watch crystal and and that —— I’m going to get you. Oh yeah!—If you haven’t done anything about a locket, never mind—I think I can get one here—The only reason I said anything to you about it was that I didn’t know they would have any around here, but they do.


Thanks a lot for the (Ual) Valentine—a lot of the fellows got them but there wasn’t any as nice as the one you sent me—I’m not kidding either. Thanks to Ruby and your mother for their Valentines—they were, “a lot of allright.”

Gee Honey—The closer we get to the time when we will be fully trained—the more I hate to see it coming—I guess I shouldn’t of said that. Unh? Well I’ll be like you, I won’t scratch it out. Unh?

I got a card from Beach and “Dickie”—Ha—they didn’t amount to much—The idea behind it is O.K. tho. I’ll simply have to write something to them. But I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. I haven’t even written Aunt Ruth yet—to thank her for the cookies,—and I’m ready to eat some more.—Ha.


I hope you are feeling O.K. I am feeling allright—except the longer I’m here—the more I wish I could be with you.

There is a fellow that sleeps beside me—(he) (he) sounds kind of dumb:—Unh? Ha. He wants to take me to the Post Theatre this afternoon—think I’ll go with him—haven’t seen a show since I’ve been here. Don’t seem to care much about it when I can’t take you. Oh well—our chance will come.

It’s very wet and muddy out—been raining—must be like Beache’s Iowa mud—Remember he was telling about it. Wish I could go to church with you again—I miss those things a lot..

Well I must begin to end—or end to begin. or “something.”

I see you—



(— —- —)

I love you.

Back of envelope:

(I guess it’s the 15th instead of the 14th)

It’s Sun. anyway.






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