17 February 1942

The reference to the Japanese taking Singapore was current news in this letter of 17 February. The battle occurred from 8-15 February 1942, so the reference must have been right from the headlines.

In other news, the weather has turned cold in Kansas and Camels (the cigarettes) would be nice to have. It surprises me every time I see a reference to cigarettes, because of what I know about them, but it also surprises me whenever I see people smoking today.

Like most of the letters, this one has an informal conversational format that jumps from topic to topic, often seeming to reply to something in Ruth’s letters.


Feb 17, ’42

Dearest Ruth:—

Well Honey—Here’s another day:—I see already that I’ve made a mistake, I started on the wrong side—Ha—Well, I’ll go (wr) right on around the paper in order O.K?—O.K..

You ask me whether or not I recieved the Camels that you sent—No I did not—I suppose you ought to go in to the Drug store and tell them—But if they want to, they could say they had sent them and you wouldn’t have any proof (except my word) that I didn’t recieve them. I hope they don’t “gyp” you tho.—and anyway, Thanks for the thought. Boy! Camels sure come in handy.

It suddenly turned cold—It must be around zero or below, I don’t know exactly. It’s a different cold then it is back there. You don’t seem to feel it through your body so much, but on an open part of your body—like your


face—or your hands, it seems to bite right through,—One fellow forgot to pull his earlugs down and his ear became frostbitten—He didn’t even know it ’till another fellow happened to see them. It kind of “sneaks” up on you and catches you by surprise.—Ha.

So Twila’s mother thinks Twila would make a wonderful mother—well maybe—I hope so—But, I know a girl who would be ever so much better—Do you?—I bet you could look into a mirror and see her.

So she is going to write me a letter—Unh? well, I’ll ans. it if I have time to write after I finish yours. You always come first. Not that I don’t like her—She’s allright. You like her, if I didn’t know you I’d like her more then I do—you know what I mean—(you) To me you are ten times better—Maybe she is to someone else. Although confidentially I don’t see how she could be. Oh well—skip it—I don’t think I’m getting (accross) across what I mean. Ha.

Oh yeah—Anything you want to write


in one of these letters is all right with me—Nobody else ever reads them. So just say whatever you please.

Well I got mad—and every time I do I always take the “spite” out on myself. I toll the Corp. to take his Squad. Leaders job and shove it ——. So I’m no squad leader anymore—Now wouldn’t that “scald” you.—Ha—Now I wish I hadn’t done it—thats usually the case.—I get sore and then I do something I’m sorry for—Oh well—I guess I’ll make out O.K.

Thanks for the stamps I only had one left., excuse me, I had two left. You always think of the right thing at the right time.

In my letter to Beach, I thanked him for his letter to me—and told him what a letter meant to a fellow in the service. How we (were al) are always looking for one. I also told him I looked for your especially everyday (illegible cross out). So if he says anything you will know what he is talking about.


It sure is going to be miserable riding in this freezing weather—I’ll bet the cold will bite right through all the clothes we can put on. Ground is froze hard too—It will be dangerous if any body gets “throwed.” Hope I don’t.

Almost everybody went to the show tonight—but two or three guys, including me—I am down to the reading room—Writing at a desk—I just looked at some of this writing tho, and I guess it doesn’t make much difference in it.:—

I just lit up a cig.—Can’t you smell it? Bet you can—I can smell your Pink Clover or Evening in Paris.—I can even hear “The Blue Danube,” I can see you laughing—smiling—lonely—crying—Singing—laughing, smiling—Any one of the things you do—I (shi) sure have a memory full of pictures of you—I can hear you say you love me, almost as if I were there—I sure can say—I’ll never forget you—Never! that sure does help me, because If I can’t forget you—it reasures me that a sweet, little girl


back home won’t be forgeting me.

You see, I reckon, that I’ve changed paper I’ll tell you why—this is free. And since there are twelve envelopes and twelve sheets of paper in the “kit” you sent me—I’ll use one each time I write and if I write a little longer then usual some nights, I’ll finish up on something else.

I understand the Japs took Singapore—that’s tough—I hope they don’t get to far—the farther they get, I suppose it will take that much longer to get them “rooted” back out.

Well I guess maybe I’d better say goodnight—Unh?—Better—It seems as if we just get in bed—roll over—and get out.

Say how is Ruby and her hearts desire making out—by the looks of that picture—Ha—they were sure making out O.K.

Say Hello to everyone.

Hey! Didn’t I say I was going to say Goodnight—Just like it always was—never get around to it. Well, here goes again











I love you

I love you

I Love You

(- —- —) Walt

Back of envelope flap says (Pittman 3rd Barracks)



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