18 February 1942


Feb 18, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

Here’s to another day—We had quite a ride to day—about 5 or 8 mi. this morn. And was it cold—Wow. I thought my feet would freeze. It got a little warmer this afternoon tho. The sky is clear and the sun is shining.

I’m at the reading room tonight—I have charge of it for tonight only—have to stay here until ten oclock and see that every thing is kept in order.

Yes Honey, I guess you’ll have to save your kisses until I get back—with you saving, and me saving it sure ought to be some kiss—Unh?

That sure was a sweet letter I got from you tonight. (Yoy) You say you don’t care if I never stop saying I love you O.K. “Boots”

I Love You.


I got a letter from Mom today. she said (as you allready told me) that Aunt Dorothy was going to the (Hospitital) Hospital, Tues. Mon. afternoon—to be operated on Mon. Tues, I suppose, maybe you know how she is by now.

I guess my brother had to register along with a million other fellows—I hope this thing is over before they ever have to go.

Mom said she wanted to write to my Ruth this wk. Ha. there is so many Ruths you have to explain which one you are writing about.—Anyway—there couldn’t be a better name then—Ruth.

So Twila got a boyfriend—Unh? Like me—My oh My.—She doesn’t know what she’s getting into. Unh. Ha.

So you are going to send me a locket—Fine—But don’t spend any money on it. Say didn’t your Mother get my letter—


I never heard you say anything about whether (it) she got it or not—Maybe I took in a little to much territory when I wrote it—Unh?—I just wondered—maybe she didn’t get it.

Gosh—Here I am with a whole evening I could spend writing to you—and I can’t think of anything to say (Except) I Love You. Usually, if I didn’t have any time I could thing of a lot to say. Ha.

Well, I think maybe I close for this evening—

Loads of Love

I love you


(- —- —)


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