22 February 1942

I found this copy of part of the poem in Walt’s letter on Pinterest, with no attribution:


In other news, apparently Kansas is not as flat as previously thought, but still not like the Allegheny Plateau in Pennsylvania.


Feb. 22, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

Don’t pay attention to the dates on the headings of these letters, guess I’m wrong (have) half of the time. Ha.—We don’t even know what the date is part of the time.

Here is a cute poem a girl from Tenn. sent to a fellow.

“If there was no one but just us two.
If all the world was good and true.
And if you knew that no one knew
Would You?

If you dream in pajamas blue,
Two strong arms embracing you
And if you really wanted too
Would You?



If we were in a certain place.
And if we were sleeping face to face
with nothing between us but space.
Would You?

If all the world was nice and bright
If I was to stay with you all night
And if I should turn out the light
Would You?
Kiss me good night.”


Pretty good—Unh?

Course I think you would—wouldn’t you?

Well Honey its Sun. Morn.—Nothing to do. Its only about 8:30. (Kidd) Kind of early to be writing a letter, isn’t it? Well I would just as soon write to you as do anything I know of—unless it would be—my being there.


A bunch of us fellows wanted to go riding today, but we have to get a non-commisioned officer to go with us—I don’t think we can get one today as riding is old stuff to them, so they aren’t very crazy about it.

Sure wish I was (home to day (—I mean Daileys)—Don’t think I’ll have another home till Ruth Dailey and I get together. Then we will have our home. Unh?—Yep:—(We) When I think about that—I sure wish this was all over—So we could have a home of our own.—Don’t you Honey—A little home—just the two of us, with—well maybe another one a little later on—Wouldn’t it be nice. Well guess We hadn’t better think about that too much (h) now. Well save those thoughts—till,—well—there will come a time when wrongs will be righted, and then we can do what we like.


Say, have you seen that girl I was telling you about last night.—Hope I hear from her today.

Y’know I was telling you how “flat” Kansas is—I mean the terrain—well forget it—It wasn’t as flat as I thought it was—I guess it is because we are in a valley.—Outside of this valley it is pretty well cut up—small steep hills—Nothing like Penn., but pretty rough.

Gee—Right now—I would like to be back there more then anything in the world—I must be a “sissy”—I just feel like (they) my heart was going to “blow up and bust.” or something Y’know—Just a feeling you can’t explain—Just a longing for my Honey. Well I suppose I’d better say Good morning—Kind of a change, Unh?

[I love you written at an angle on each side of the closing]

So Long

I see you

I love you





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