23 February 1942

I thought Walt was ecstatic about getting more letters, but no, cigarettes. I can’t understand it as a smoker, but I guess for me it would be like not having any coffee for two days.

As i mentioned once, my grandmother famously didn’t allow anyone in the kitchen nor teach anyone else how to cook, so the worrying about the apple pie must be related to that. I wouldn’t say that my mother was ever a great cook, but she did always try new things. I turned out to be a good cook at a pretty young age, and, unlike her grandmother, she appreciated it.

I wondered about that locket, too. It was news to me that a man would wear a locket, so I wasn’t surprised that Walt was “razzed.”


Feb. 23, 1942

Hello Ruthie Darling:—

Know what I got today—Whoopee—The cig. you sent. Eeyowwee! I hadn’t had one for 2 days. All I had was my pipe. Boy am I the lucky guy.

Say Honey. Don’t you dare cry if your Grandmother says anything about your apple pie.—You know what I told you to do. tell her off.—I’ll bet its better then she can make—I know, I wish I had a piece of it.

I had to get a haircut tonight—it was getting pretty long.

Going to turn me over your knee and give me a spanking Unh? O.K. Your the only person who can do it. You can do anything


you want to. I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, so go ahead and spank. Ha.

Do I remember those funny jokes? Oh yes indeed I remember. And this topped them all. just a common tater unh.—I had to look twice. Ha. Ha.

So Ruby is getting paydays Unh? Well now,—I guess maybe she can take my Honey to the shows now. Isn’t that nice.

Boy—Ruth—Guess I’ll have to tell you again how much I appreciate those cig. I sure am glad you sent them.

We get about 4 hrs. of Horsemanship (to) every day now.

Say Honey, If you want to hope for something—that there won’t be much chance for—But


there might be just the merest chance. Start hoping that, at the end of my training here, that I’ll be lucky enough to be sent to Indian Town Gap.—Penna. That wouldn’t be quite so far away, and I’d like it better. Maybe get to see you. Don’t hope too much—it’s just a shot in the dark.—I might be sent (God only knows where) I don’t.

But where there’s life there’s hope.

I might not even be kept in the Horse Cavalry. So what. (We) We both are just in the dark.? Unh?

Hey. Did I ever get razzed about that locket. Ha—(Hell wif em) I’ll wear it anyway.

Oh yeah—Jack Bennett just (waked) walked down to my bunk

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with a letter and says “Hey didn’t I see you with a letter ended this way.—Ha.—It was just the same as mine sealed with a kiss. I’m sure his wife isn’t wuite as nice as mine tho. Just couldn’t be.

Gee Honey—(In’t) I’s give plenty to see you now.

I love you.

Love you more then I can say.


Goodnight Honey

(- —- —)

(             )