24 February 1942

A letter written in pencil just seems longer.

Walt talks about a picture taken of 5-6000 soldiers in the CRTC (Cavalry Replacement Training Center) that might appear in Life Magazine. I couldn’t find such a picture, but I did find one taken on February 20, 1942. It’s too small to see any detail, though, and now appears on a historical page of the Fort Riley site.



Feb. 24, 1942

Hello Dearest:—

I’m writing this with pencil, because I’m in a hurry—I have to go on Guard Duty tonight—I’m not sure what time. But just in case it happens to be an early guard—I will have this written.

I’m sorry I didn’t mention Ruby’s letter before—I was almost sure I had—but in case I didn’t, why, thank her and tell her I like to have her write. I also like to have your mother write


I liked her last letter very much.

But most of all, I like Ruth Dailey’s a little bit the best of all the letters I get, and I think I get about as much mail as any one in camp. I know I get more then anyone in the barracks.

Ha—Do you know what happened to day. They quarantined [inserts below a comment about the spelling: e a—I don’t know, Ha,] the whole dam’n Co. in for two wks. on account of the measles, Ha.—Won’t be able to go to the P.X. for cig. or—well—we won’t


be able to leave the barracks after we come in from drill—Now isn’t that something. Um,—Um.

And that isn’t all—While we are confined—our troop will have double detail—that means more K.P. and more Stable Police. Also!—we have to stand guard again Sat. Nite.

I understand we are going to get plenty of rough going from now on.—Whoopee—Just got another letter from you—just now—that make two to-


day—One at noon and, then now—Just after chow.

I’m looking forward to your letter tomorrow—you say you have a lot to tell me.

Ha.—Every time I get two letters in one day—Everybody turns green with envy—and then I get another razzing—Ha—I don’t care—keep right on writing—Have to turn out in two min.

See you later.



Just got back. Ha.—I put the cartoon you sent me (about the soldier) on the bulletin


board in our barracks—every body is laughing about it as there is a couple of guys in here that it fits pretty good. Send some more.

Cuss the luck, I go on guard for an hr. from four until five in the morning—nice hrs. unh.

I’ll bet you can’t even read this—I can’t and I’m writing it.

So they got me into the Church Program unh?—Well that is what I wrote,


but I didn’t expect it to be where everybody could read it.—I don’t care if everybody saw the ding-dong letter—I’d tell them the same thing to their face.—(Not that there was anything out of the way in it.)

A guy was just reading my program (the one you sent me) and found out they were going to send me a box of candy—Ha—He said he’d be waiting on it.

They took a picture of the fellows in the C.R.T.C today—Everybody to gether—Must of been


between 5 and 6 thousand of them—One of the fellows said it was going to be in “Life” next wk.—I don’t know for sure—it might be B.S.

Well Honey—I have to shave, shine, shit, and saddle in 15 mins. excuse me Ha—I shouldn’t of said that. That is just a saying in the Cavalry—as we have to do so much in such a short time.

With all my love




P.S. Thanks for writing about Aunt Dorothy, I sure hope she gets all right.

I was glad Aunt ruth took you over with them, give you something to do and I think Mom would be glad to see you.

Did Did Elizabeth have anything to say. Dumb question—Unh.

Well Honey—



I love you,



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