25 February 1942

As on a number of letters, Walt doodles with words and images on one page here, and I won’t try to reproduce that. I guess it’s the forerunner of the emoji, but personalized.

He mentions hearing from a man who was a scout in the “World War,” which must be WWI. As you might expect, Wikipedia has a page on the term World War with a brief discussion of its origin. Although it was first used in the nineteenth century, the terms World War I and World War II were first used in Time Magazine in 1939.


Feb. 25, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

How are is was you all today [verbs are stacked vertically]. Fine?—I hope so.—Boy Honey am I dumb. I wrote you a letter to you last night—(I was in a hurry as you will see when you read it). I went to the trouble of writing it and forgot to mail it. Now isn’t that something. Refering to the above:—I don’t mean trouble dearest—I just mean that—well—what I want to say is, that it is no trouble at all—I like to write to you. I got paid back for being so forgetful tho. I didn’t get a letter today.—Its alright tho I got two yesterday. I’ll mail these two tonight.

I just lit a camel—thanks to you. Do you smell the smoke—Sure and I’ll bet you can.

Just about an hr. ago it started to snow


a fine mist like, 1/2 hr. ago it was big flakes, now the wind is blowing and you can’t see very far from the barracks—fast work after a warm day unh?

I recieved a letter from Bert Hawkins and his wife today. And what do you know, they sent me a “buck”—nice people. Unh?—He’s the guy (I told you before) that was a scout in the World War. They told me to tell them what I wanted and they would send it tod me. Of course I can’t do that, but it’s very nice of them anyway.

You know Ruth. Today rather, this evening as we were going to the “mess hall” a girl came up the street (they have a guest house here for (visitors) (or something). She stoped in front of the barracks and a fellow came out and down the str they walked—She’s from the east—and came to see him—Now isn’t that nice. I wish we could

[page 3 unnumbered]

get to-gether like that—Gee—Wouldn’t that be nice.

Well Honey, this is kind of short,—Oh By the way—They took a guy out of this barracks today—he had the measles—Hope nobody else gets them. Ow Wow!

Say is the lower part of my anatomy sore tonight—they made us poor little boys trot and gallop today without stirrups. and I sure did bounce.

Well, as I said before—this is kind of short—but you will probably get both of them in one day—So I will say goodnight.

With all my love

I love you


(Hope I get your letter tomorrow (- —- —)


[page 4 unnumbered]

Sketches of hearts and arrows with Walt’s and Ruth’s initials and two comments:

Don’t know what I’m making Honey
Just Dreaming

Just dreaming. Honey—
(G) Sweet Dreams.

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