26 February 1942

Another reference to a group photo in this letter, this one on horseback, probably similar to this one from 1943:



Feb. 26, 1942

My Dearest Ruth:—

Well, Honey, I, got, your, letter today—It was a swell letter too. I Hope I get some more like it.—You know the ones—it was the long one that you started in Pete’s.

Don’t have much to say tonight—I’m very tired—We walked about 5 mi. uphill today then (I) after we were all warm and perspiring (or sompin) we had to lay flat in the snow for 1 hr and a half. Now isn’t that something. Then we walked back.

This afternoon we [(the 1st Squadron) about 900 men all mounted] had our pictures taken. It was some sight to see so many men and horses in one gathering.


If I ever get the chance to go to town, which probably wont be for a couple of weeks, I’ll buy the group pictures—they say you can buy them in town. I also want to that (well, I might as well tell you—It don’t amount to much.) It was a pillow case or a cushion case or whatever you call it—With writing and etc. on it about Ft. Riley—thought it would be nice.

Well, Honey do you realize that I only have 3 more weeks here and then hard to tell where I will be. Hope it is nearer home, don’t you?

Sure Honey—”I love you with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind”—As you see, I copied this from you—but it fits.

Well Honey,—I know this is very short but I am sleepy and had better go to bed.

Oh yeah. I sure am interested in your

[page 3 unnumbered]

hands—I’m interested in you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. I wish I knew something you could do to help them. [illegible cross out] I sure don’t know unless it would be to quit keeping them in water and keep a grease or a lotion of some kind to keep the cold air off of them. I suppose you know more about that then I do tho—so I’d better keep quiet, unh?

Well as I said before I’d better turn in, so I will say.

Goodnight my love

Sweetest dreams

I’ll dream of you, and that is [illegible cross out] no lie—I have and will probably continue to do so



[page 4 unnumbered; note written across page at angle]


Ah loves you

Ah do.



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