28 February 1942

This letter marks the end of the short month of February with a pretty convoluted discussion that doesn’t say as much as readers might like. I used this letter as a sample in a presentation to faculty on the project, and we didn’t come to many concrete conclusions about the subject, except where the surprise (or supprise as Walt would write it) word “intercourse” shows up. After that, readers are on their own to speculate.



Feb. 28, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

It seems that every time you do something for me I fail to write that night—Although I think you know that it is no fault of mine. I’m speaking of the nut meats you sent me, and last night was clean up night so it wasn’t possible to get around to it unless I went in to the Privy. Ha, And I tho’t it was to noisy. My Dear! You! ought! to! hear! it! to-night! Today was payday and the place is full of “crap” players and drunks:—I suppose this will sound funny coming from me—As you know how I used to “take on a few”—but I haven’t been doing


it here. And furthermore I don’t intend to drink the stuff they sell here, it’s all “rot gut”—Bah.

I thank you with all my heart for the gift you sent me—You sure do take me by supprise—You never mention it when you write—Thats O.K. I like to be supprised.

You know Honey, there is another thing I like about you—that is—when you get down to facts you certainly are frank, I like that.

In answer to your question—I can tell you truly that you are right in your opinion of a man and his feelings. I know men who would have intercourse with 3 or 4 women in a row—like they were eating their daily meals, but, I know in my case Ruth—I couldn’t, It would be a dis-honor to myself and would also


betray your faith in me—I haven’t had the slightest “feeling” toward another women since I met you, and Honey I’ve had the chances while I was with you and since I’ve been here.

But Honey, you needn’t worry,—I know I never will meet another girl like you—And I’ve thanked the Lord that you used your head and exercised your will power before I left,—Although I hope and pray that someday our chance will come, Although we were probably wrong—and it was all my fault—I’ll live for the day when you and I can have another night (under more honorable circumstances) like


we had at L. and A. In one way maybe we were wrong, if so I’ll answer for it. But Honey, If people would look at it in the light that maybe we wouldn’t get another chance to be as close as we were then—who would blame us. I’m thankful we did no more then we did—I’m rather glad we went as far as we did.

I don’t know Honey whether I’m getting across to you what I mean—It would probably take a book: I’ll try to explain if it takes all the paper I have—I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong impression—I just read this and I think it could easily be taken the wrong way.

If two people, Ruth, could have been


more mutually in love then we were (and are) I would like to see them, and I pray to the Lord that if we done wrong to forgive—and to make it possible for us to spend the better parts of our lives together, but as I told you before, there is a duty (I believe) that I should carry out:—and I haven’t the slightest fear, for I’m going to return, untill that time I will do my best to “carry on” like a man. I don’t think that you would think much of me if I didn’t.

I hope I have given you the impression I wanted to. And if there is anything on your mind (now or ever) tell me. I like to know.

Well Dearest—do you know what tine it is, 11:00—I have to go


“on guard” from 1:00 till 2:00—Isn’t that the “nuts.”

Tomorrow, our Corp. is going to take  6 fellows out riding—I hope I get a chance to go along.

I’m sending you a snapshot, also a negative—A couple of the fellows got some negatives enlarged, they looked pretty good—(this probably wouldn’t) If you want to try it O.K.

I wanted to send some money back to you so you could put it with the rest, just in case I I get a chance for a furlough. But after they took almost $7.00 out for insurance—$1.80 for dry cleaning, and $1.00 for haircuts—I doubt if I’ll have enough to run me. Ha.

It’s very hard to tell


where I might be by the time I get another pay. Oh. Me!

Well Honey, I wish I could go on writing but I have to quit sometime.

So I’ll close loving you more then ever

I love you


I love you.


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