04 February 1942

I don’t know why this letter, dated 4 January, is in an envelope postmarked 5 February. I don’t know if Walt was mistaken about the date (that happens) or if it just didn’t get mailed on time. I ran into this in the Korea letters, and it was more clear where to put the two letters in that case, but I don’t know if it will be clear here. As before, if I run into evidence that this letter should be in the February bunch, I will make the change. [Letter changed from January to February on 5 June 2016.]

There are photos mentioned and described in this letter, but they were not in the envelope or I would have scanned them into the letter document and kept them together with the letter. Sometimes, there were such things in the letters. It doesn’t mean I don’t have the photos; I just don’t know which ones might have come with this letter. Maybe I’ll find one that looks like three men on horseback riding toward the rim of some range of hills; if so, I will post it here.

You know I am trying to transcribe the letters with all their mistakes, but I will tell you that it’s hard to not type words like received  and a lot correctly. Who knows if I will know how to spell anything when this project is done.


Jan 4, 1942


Dearest Ruth.

Thanks for the Air mail and you ask me if I like your letters—I sure do and I look for one every day and I think they get better every day.

I am sending some snapshots and will send some more if I ever get a payday. I will mark them and explain here.
1. I’ll number the “shoe shine boy” he just happened in Sun. Morn.
2. Jack Bennett is a young married man from Fort Wayne, Ind. A damn good fellow—We stick around the barracks together alot
3. and 4. If you fit these together right it will give you about 1/3 of the view from the front of the barracks and that hill is the Rimrock—you can see the rimrock along the top.—The foremost black spots are 3 fellows riding horses toward the rimrock.—I said this was flat country—well it is—that spot is an exception I guess. I don’t know just how far it runs.
Well—I’ll just send the rest.

We had a practice run for record—tomorrow we will shoot for record—I made the highest score in the Barracks today—tomorrow I probably won’t be able to hit the side of a barn. Ha.

I recieved a letter from Aunt Ruth today—and you got another compliment on your letter to mom.

I suppose you went up there tonight. You can tell me about it later if you did.

I like the way you think about Twila and the other girl and her kind—I don’t think they are quite right—Maybe they haven’t found the right one yet—Unh? Go to a show with them tho—or something, you can’t stay in all the time (tho)—that would be expecting to much. Holy smoke you have to do something.

But I do appreciate the way you feel, I don’t know what I’d ever do if I lost you.—For you are a part of me. The one and only thing I really love, the sweetest girl in the world. And Honey—I hope by some great miracle the War would end—But—, Well I hope it does.

I’ll see you tomorrow

Love Walt,

(To my future Wife—A sweet kiss(          )

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