09 February 1942

This short letter is rather ordinary in mentioning what’s going on—receiving a package and the coming horsemanship work. But it’s interesting in mentioning a couple of things about Ruth’s home life.

It sounds like Ruth’s maternal grandmother was a cause of friction in the house. I never heard that, but as I’ve mentioned, she was known to keep everyone out of the kitchen and not to have been willing to teach anyone how to cook.

I’m curious about the idea of Ruth’s parents going, or in this case not going, to Florida, because a city directory I’ve run across on Ancestry.com suggests that they actually lived in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1925 when Ruth and her sister would have been very  young. It lists both parents and states that he was a bricklayer, which is correct. So I wonder about this possible trip to Florida and whether it was just a vacation or whether Ruth’s parents had other relatives there.


Feb 9, 1942

Hello Sweetheart:—

I don’t know whether I told you how (lon) long damn pen—long it takes for a letter to get here or not. The letter I received today is the one you wrote on the 6th. Left P.O. on 7—got here on ninth.

I (receved) recieved a box from Aunt Ruth to day also, with some sox and cookies, soap,—Stationary—etc. Boy it will come in handy. And were those cookies good. if you get this within a day or so tell here, please, Thank you.


(La) (I) Last night after I finished your letter at S.C. I went into the library and found 2 vol. on Cavalry training—so I think I will go over (and) tonight and look them over—I might get a little ahead by it—It is doubtful though.

Tomorrow—we (always) will start our “horsemanship” in earnest—We will take them out and see whether we get throwed or not.—If anybody gets throwed and is afraid to mount again—he has to carry (al) his saddle and all his equipment back to the stable—and it doesn’t


matter how far it is (either) either.

It’s to bad your dad doesn’t want to go to Florida as I think the trip would do him good, and I know it would do your mother good—But you know—when they get older, they like to set around—(its to bad your Grandmother is there to bother him (and you all). I know my dad is rather old—he likes to sit around and read or listen to the radio.

Well I’ve been here 3 wks the 7th—or 4 wks. coming Sat. Its seems like a very long (th) time, doesn’t it—like yrs. instead of wks.



Pops’:—Oct 5 or 7 or something.


Walt’s:—Aug. 26. you won’t forget it—I don’t think—I won’t.

Sib’s:—May 2

Ruth’s:—Mar. 30

Doris:—Sept. 26

Pauls:—Dec. 8

Ruth’s: Oct. 14. Ha.

Well I’ll see you tomorrow:—

Love Walt.

I Love You [printed with lots of little x’s]



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