16, 17 January 1942

I tried to transcribe these messy little cards to be readable. Walt’s odd punctuation style persists even in these short cards. I did write about his odd use of the colon/dash combination here three years ago, in case you missed it, but I changed my mind about putting spaces before and after his dashes. I’m making them all long, so there’s no confusion with hyphens, and I’m not putting spaces around them just because that’s what you do when typing a dash.

Again the odd note about Slim sending his love—some kind of secret code between Walt and Ruth? Or is it a real person? I’m guessing the former.


Card 1:

M’Honey:—No. 1—3:10—Fri. 16.

I’m heading West on the P.R.R. out of Columbus. I am standing on the Rear of the last car—can’t write very good—car is swaying—nothing to see but flat fields—no hills—nothing but an occasional farm—tracks come together in the distance. Just washed and shaved—have to be neat,


Card 2:

No 2.—5:05


Just came into Ind. and stoped for a minute—moving again now. See you later:— 5:20→ —Hungry as the Devil—Won’t eat till we get to Indianapolis—Have been reading. I’m still very sorry I couldn’t call you—we flew around pretty fast for awhile.

I’ll see you      Love Walt.

Cards 3 and 4, front notes:

Fri. Somewhere—heading west toward St. Louis Ha,—passed it in the night—Sat.

Slim sends his love too—

Pay no attention

Card 3:

Dear Ruth:— 3. 7:00

Y’still O.K.? I hope so—I’m just going to bed in an upper berth.—Hope I don’t roll out. Oh yes—We ate in the station at Indianapolis. I like a train better than a bus. Can you read this? I can’t.

see you later

Love—Walt X

Card 4:

Hi Ruth:—         4.

Just entered Kansas City, Missouri, Sat. Morn. 9:05. Just passed a h— of a big airport. We are eating in the Station at Topeka, Kansas—12:30. W I am going to mail these cards now. Don’t know when I can write again—last card.

see you later—m’honey

Love, Walt.


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