26 January 1942

This short letter seems to follow receiving another letter from Ruth that answers what she had forgotten in the last letter. I have no idea who Jack Roth is.

Otherwise, the letter tells a little story about a shoe shine boy who visits the barracks, and it prompts Walt to think about having children.

I didn’t know that my mother, like me, didn’t drink enough water.


Mon. 8:15          Jan 26, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

I knew you would lay awake till you thought of whatever it was you forgot—y’know about Jack Roth. It is to bad about his sister—I think that would be a great disappointment in anybodys life.

There is a young kid about 12 years old that comes through the barracks and shines shoes and is he a smart little devil—the sensible thinking type—He always stops and talks to me for 5 or 10 min. I like him a lot and evidently he likes me. I just thought Id tell you about him—It is something to say—and he said maybe he would give me a snapshot of himself for me to send to you. I’d like to have a kid like him if he was rather light he’d be like you—If he was rather dark he’d be like me—I wouldn’t care which—but I’d like to have a little girl like you—Unh? Funny thing to talk about—Yeah? Well I’ve often thought of things like that.—Even if I didn’t say them. Oh well — — —

I was going to send you some snapshots of me tonight but they weren’t developed yet. So I will send them to you tomorrow or as quick as possible.

Do you know?—It means a lot to me to go out to “mail call” and get a letter from you—It makes the day a lot brighter and thus I will write every day to you—if possible in hopes the sun will shine for you.—O.K.?—O.K.

We got another “shot” in the shoulder today—(We’ve only had 4 shots and a vaccination so far)—with more to come)—I don’t know what this was for but I think Typhoid—one of the fellows got very sick from it—a fever—and very painful cramps in back and legs—They had to take him out to the infirmary—I hope nothing happens to him—Also I hope it is nothing to keep the rest of us shut in.—

I hope you drank some water after eating those potato chips—You never did drink enough water—Listen to me—telling you what to drink. Ha.

Boy I think I’m a “humdinger” in a uniform—Ha.—Tell Ruby and Ruthie “Hello” and also the rest of the family.

Tell your grandmother—I said that she shouldn’t bother you when you write to me—thanks for the compliment—But I know you flatter me—Ha—And “shore” and my brain[?] will have to grow a little—y’know—I used to like to have you run your fingers thru my hair—Yes’em!

To the future Mrs. W. E. Pittman

A nice, big, sweet kiss—and thanks for yours—


x Walt x


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