27 January 1942

This isn’t the first letter with interlinear text, little notes, often with arrows pointing to words they comment on, and sometimes written above or below a line, or as here vertically, and even curved, as in the closing. I want to do a little explanation of those things in the transcription, but not so much that it turns into biblical interpretation.  Some of it could be represented with html, but getting it to show up in the right place on all devices sounds like too much work. I guess readers will have to compare it to the letter image.


7:45          Jan 27, 1942

To My Honey:—

Just a few quick lines to say “Hello.” I just finished shining 4 pair of shoes, taking a shower, writing 3 address’es for a fellow from Eastern Kentucky—[circles vertical I dunno and points to address’es]—Another backwoods guy who is rather low in “edjamacation.” I am sending 3 or 4 snapshots that didn’t turn out so well but they are something.

I got the “Camels” today and baby they arrived just in time—We got some more training with Horses and Rifles—and drill as usual—today.

And thank your Mother a lot for the cig. they sure come in handy—you know me. Ha.

Well this is going to be short as I have to memorize the “General Orders” there are 11 of them and when you go on guard duty—you have to know them.

Well so long ‘Honey” I’ll see you later don’t forget to write.

And by the way—Let me tell you that your picture does me a world of good. I didn’t put it in the frame I was afraid I would spoil it—So I got a small, flat box and put it in that—just in side my foot locker door. And every time I open it (about 20 times a day—no kiding—I open the little box and take a look at the most beautiful girl in the world—all the fellows razz me on how the devil I got such a good looking girl—Well any way I caught hell today because I took an extra look—and was about 2 sec. late in line formation and should of been first as I’m squad leader. Ha—See what you do to me. Oh well—they can do most anything as long as I can take a look deluxe—Ha.

Well:—as I said before I have to close—if I keep on I won’t have any time to study at all—Be sure and write—I missed your letter today—I’m not mad—I’m just stated a fact—that I missed it. And who wouldn’t miss a letter from you—Unh?

Well! As I said 2 or 3 times I’d better close—Yeah? No—Well I know but I’d better anyway—Good night or Good Morning which ever fits.

Thanks again for the cig.

So Long        Sealed with a kiss but
you can’t see it—Unh?

x Love x Walt x


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