28 January 1942

This short letter is mostly about loneliness, at least on Walt’s part. There appears to be something going on at Ruth’s, but I don’t remember any conversations about her life before being married, except that her grandmother wouldn’t let anyone in the kitchen and wouldn’t teach anyone else how to cook. I must have inherited that from her grandmother.


7:54          Jan 28, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

I went up to the Post Exchange tonight and got some films—I will send you some more snapshots as soon as I can. Those that I sent weren’t so hot. We had never used the camera before—and besides it isn’t so good anyway, but I guess it will have to do.

There is one thing I’m sorry for and that is you—when you have nothing to do—especially under prevailing conditions. I thought a lot about that before I left—And realized what it would be like. I don’t know just what you can do—There should be something—I know it is easier in a way for me—because during the day I am kept as busy as possible and at the most—the only time to relax I have is the hour or hour and a half before I go to bed.—It’s to bad things at home are like they are. But I’ll tell you one thing you can write and write and write.—to me—I like to read your letters more then anything I know of. I got two of yours today. Lucky day—made up for yesterday—Unh? I guess it wasn’t your fault I didn’t get it.

I’m sorry you didn’t feel well Sun. And I do like the way you let me guess—what I mean is—Well—I guess you confide in me—Unh? that’s fine—I appreciate the jokes and if you find a poem that would apply you can send it.

You know—I didn’t say before—but either last Sat. or Sun. nite, I went to bed and couldn’t go to sleep—I didn’t know why for a while—then all at once I got nervous and kind of scared—sounds funny for a tough “trooper” unh?—Well it just seemed as if something was wrong and the only thing I could think of was you, I just couldn’t get the idea off my mind—I got up and set at the foot of the bed and smoked two or three cig. it was quiet and very dark—and especially very lonely—there wasn’t a sound except for coyotes—I felt then more so then anytime yet, that I wished you were near me—I hope you don’t get like that—for I think it is the most lonely feeling there is.

I sure do miss you “Honey” more then ever. But I still try to think like I told you—to just think that you are right be side me—things go better then—don’t they. Well I’ll see later—there is a fellow going to the mail box—So I’ll send this so it will go out in the morning.

So Long

I’ll see you,

X “Love” Walt X

(Your future Husband)


(          )



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