29 January 1942

This short letter is mostly about family, introducing Walt’s sister Ruth and her response to the other Ruth’s letter—I think I warned you earlier that there are a bunch of Ruths in the family.

I don’t have any recollection of Walt’s Pop, so I’ll be looking for any other references to him. Sounds like he might have been wary of people, which is okay by me.


Jan. 29.

“Hello” Honey:—

As you can see I ran out of paper—don’t take me wrong I have plenty yet.—I just bought quite a few sheets from a fellow for a dime—He can’t write on it because it has no lines—Ha—He is another Mountaineer.

I recieved a letter from my sister Ruth to day—She said they had recieved a lovely letter‚ in fact she said it was one of the nicest letters she had ever read—and to my joy—she told me that Pop and Mom and family thought I made a good choice in you.—And when Pop likes anybody they are O.K.—Deluxe. Of course it would of made no difference to me as far as you are concerned—but I did kind of like to hear it—Unh?

Oh yeah—as you can see the emblem isn’t very suitable.

And if I was you I would go to the show whenever I feel like it—It will help break the monotony.—Also I know Aunt Ruth would be glad to have you come up—you wouldn’t be pestering them—She likes you—And she would especially like to have you when Weldon is on 400-1200 trick.

Sister Ruth said the picture were very nice—Personally I think they would look pretty nice along aside each other—I know they would be lost otherwise—Unh.

Tell Ruby I’ll find a good guy—maybe—I’ll try anyway.

If they send you two little picture of you like they did of me you might send me it—I’ll tell you—If that happens go to the 5 and 10, and find a locket if they have such thing’s and send both—I’ll wear—no kidding—but if they don’t—why—just forget it—Unh?

Well this is rather short—but—I was studing before and it is 8:45 now—15 mins. till the lights go out.

So I’ll see you,


x Walt. x

x Forever Yours x


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