29 January 1942

This short letter is mostly about family, introducing Walt’s sister Ruth and her response to the other Ruth’s letter—I think I warned you earlier that there are a bunch of Ruths in the family.

I don’t have any recollection of Walt’s Pop, so I’ll be looking for any other references to him. Sounds like he might have been wary of people, which is okay by me.

A transcript follows the letter images.





Jan. 29.

“Hello” Honey:—

As you can see I ran out of paper—don’t take me wrong I have plenty yet.—I just bought quite a few sheets from a fellow for a dime—He can’t write on it because it has no lines—Ha—He is another Mountaineer.

I recieved a letter from my sister Ruth to day—She said they had recieved a lovely letter‚ in fact she said it was one of the nicest letters she had ever read—and to my joy—she told me that Pop and Mom and family thought I made a good choice in you.—And when Pop likes anybody they are O.K.—Deluxe. Of course it would of made no difference to me as far as you are concerned—but I did kind of like to hear it—Unh?

Oh yeah—as you can see the emblem isn’t very suitable.

And if I was you I would go to the show whenever I feel like it—It will help break the monotony.—Also I know Aunt Ruth would be glad to have you come up—you wouldn’t be pestering them—She likes you—And she would especially like to have you when Weldon is on 400-1200 trick.

Sister Ruth said the picture were very nice—Personally I think they would look pretty nice along aside each other—I know they would be lost otherwise—Unh.

Tell Ruby I’ll find a good guy—maybe—I’ll try anyway.

If they send you two little picture of you like they did of me you might send me it—I’ll tell you—If that happens go to the 5 and 10, and find a locket if they have such thing’s and send both—I’ll wear—no kidding—but if they don’t—why—just forget it—Unh?

Well this is rather short—but—I was studing before and it is 8:45 now—15 mins. till the lights go out.

So I’ll see you,


x Walt. x

x Forever Yours x


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