10 July 1942

Walt’s first letter since the end of June imagines Ruth returning home on the bus. It sounds like they want to make plans to get married, if they can work it out. It also sounds like she didn’t come out alone, so maybe we will hear more about her traveling companion in later letters.

A transcript follows the letter images.







July 10, 1942.

Hello Ruth:— Sweetheart:—

I suppose you are on your way to Chicago now and going in the wrong direction. I’ll bet you are tired—I hope not too tired tho. Anyway you can just take a good rest when you reach home.

There are a few things I would like to say but whenever I start to put them into words my heart flies way up in my throat. I didn’t like to walk away from the bus so quick but I couldn’t just stand there and wait—You can’t hardly understand just what it meant to me to have you here and it was sure tough to see you go—I hope we don’t have many experiences like that.

Thanks for the little note and its contents—Guess you must of knowed I was just (aba) about broke.


It will help keep me in cig. for awhile—And the note (was) meant more then a a stack of letters.

I hope nothing happens to mar our plans—but—for some reason or other I got a hunch that don’t seem so good—I’m going to (illegible cross out) plan on it tho and sure hope that the cards are (dealt) played in our favor. Some say it shouldn’t be; some say it depends on circumstances—Some look at it rather lightly and say why not—Well,—I am not sure—But we love each other—we’re true to each other—if we have the chance and can do it I don’t see why we shouldn’t be together while we can—If only you had come out alone—but that’s past. The only reason I would hesitate would be the original reason that we didn’t get married before I left. When the time comes tho I’m going to have your going to be the one who says what is right and


wrong—For if we got married and “Fate” punched the wrong buttons you would be the one most effected. I don’t suppose you like that position, I guess it puts you in kind of a spot—So for now we’ll hope, and see what happens—”Circumstances alter cases”—So they say.

I just read this letter over and it is very disconnected—I think about something—think it over—write a little bit down and expect you to know what I’m talking about—I expect to much don’t I.—

(I hope this) I was going to write something but these guys and are making such a racket I can’t even think—I’m going to try and go someplace where it’s quiet tomorrow or whenever I get a chance and really write a letter. Whenever I have something on my mind noise bothers me. (I) Especially somebody “jangling” or sompin.


Well Honey it is dark or so dark I can’t harly see—So I’ll have to stop for to night—I didn’t say half what I wanted to—But will try under more favorable circumstances. So—

With all my love

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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