11 July 1942

Ruth is still riding the bus home—I wonder how long that would have taken in 1942—and Walt is trying to get back into Army life.

A transcript follows the letter images.






July 11. 1942

Hello Sweetheart:—

This is Sat. afternoon and I suppose you are quite a bit nearer home by now. Maybe around Toledo somewhere.

Pierce and Fields ask me to go into Manhattan and go swimming with them. When they ask me last evening I told them I didn’t think I’d go—It seemed as if there would be no use in going there after you left. But I tho’t it over and told them this morning I’d go.—Might as well I guess—It will sure be different tho.

They said th “thank you” for the kiss—Ha.—They sure are good fellows. And since we three are all in the same boat—well—we get along 1st class. It is very hot—I guess you know what I mean when I say it’s hot now. We


are having mass atheletics (to) this afternoon—I should say—most of them are—Ha.

Know what I did yesterday,—I slept on the cement floor at the Garage all afternoon. When one of the Sgt. would look for me—One of the fellows would tell him I was doing something someplace else—They knew I was out all night and somebody allways stayed around close to steer them away—Pretty good buddies unh?

The whole Troop is going to take a three day trip with all vehicles on the 15th. I hope it isn’t a preamble to anything that would ruin certain ideas I’ve got.

This is nice paper to write on—If I could write, everything would be all right unh?

Just for you—(I like your kind best) I think I’ll go take a shower and shave—maybe I’ll feel better.


I just finished playing a game of Volley ball.—It’s warm.—rather.

Well Honey I wish you were here and the dog was there.

Can’t think of much to say right now—So—

Until tomorrow

I’ll say

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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