12 July 1942 (2)

The beginning of this letter is typewritten, which is interesting in showing how Walt converts some of his handwriting choices to typing:

  • He doesn’t use the “dog’s bollocks” after the salutation, just a regular comma
  • He uses an actual semicolon to separate two complete idea in the first sentence, which makes me wonder how many of his handwritten punctuation really is meant to be a semicolon
  • He uses very few dashes, usually using the more common comma to separate phrases; when he does separate ideas with a dash, he types a hyphen (maybe he is unclear about when a hyphen should be a dash)
  • In handwriting, he always puts periods in O.K., but not here
  • I can’t imagine that he is able to go back and insert parentheses after mistakes, which would mean that he foresaw them—can’t imagine that either

A transcript follows the letter images.





July 12 1942

Hello Sweetheart,

Here I am again; Surprised? I imagine you are as I have already written one today, and this is very good printing even for me, ha.

I am at the orderly room and there is no one to watch me so I might just as well make use of my time, OK?OK!

You know Honey, I was thinking (imagine that) if it would be possible for you to come out here again in the near future and we could get married—well—by (using) making use of the allotment we could mak save $150.00 in three months, you would get it in a lump [looks like he tries to write sum and runs off the page, so starts on the next line] sum in Nov. Just a possibility—see—Just in case you hadn;t thought of itI thought I would tell you. [written in the left margin next to this paragraph: $150]

Im not very fast at this as I have to poke away with one finger, Probably would be better if I would write, unh? Yep.

So I will write.

I can’t think of much to say as I wrote almost every thing I could think of this afternoon. It is too bad you can’t be drawing that $28.00 from the Gov’t. along with my $22.00. If it was put away—it would soon amount to a little. I’ll bet I worry the devil out of you—always writing about something like that—But anything that will help us out is O.K. with me.

I’m going to stop writing about it (uin) until I hear from you—which shouldn’t be long—Hope a hope.


Somebody is always coming in a running runing of at the mouth—and I can’t write to save me.

Fields is figuring on a furlough this week—he says he’s going to be married inside of 3 days after he gets there. Lucky “stiff” unh?

Well Honey this is very short but this is the 2nd one, so

Until tomorrow

I Love You

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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