12 July 1942

The mystery is solved about Ruth’s traveling companion—she came out with Walt’s mother! Interesting choice.

A transcript follows the letter images.








July 12, 1942.

Hello Ruth Darling:—

I’m in Junction City—Pierce and I came in last night instead of going to Manhattan. The buses were so crowded we couldn’t get a ride so we caught a J.C. bus instead.

We went to a hotel here last evening to get a room—but they didn’t have any. The clerk gave us a fellows address (a young bachelor) we went there and he let us have his 3 room apartment for $1.50 apiece.—We took it—This morn he came back and invited us to stay there for dinner with him—We did—O.K. unh?

And now here I am—At the U.S.O writing a letter to


my Honey—isn’t that nice?

Sure is.—I would much rather be talking to her tho.

Fields didn’t come with us last nite. He was out in the sun a lot yesterday and said it made him sick—I think his girl has him worried too. Iven fact I know he is. I hope he gets his furlough for I know how he feels.

This is another very hot day—I don’t know why I keep saying that as you know it by now—I s

I suppose you arrived home today—Say Hello to everybody—Give them all my love—Just a little of it—For it

[verso of page 2]

is all yours to control.

I hope you don’t get as blue as I do—Everytime I turn around it seems as if I ought to be going to see you and I can’t. I’m telling you it sure gets on a fellows nerves. We took it before, I reckon we can take it again for a while—We belong to the Cavalry don’t we.

Was there any bright remarks about youre returning so quick. I sure did hate that. Another thing I hate to say—but I think it—so might as well say it. If only Mom hadn’t come out—I love my mother—I think she is the nicest little mother in the world—But there must always be a distinction between Mothers and Sweethearts. And no mother


or any body else is ever going to come between me and my sweetheart—For that just won’t work—I’ll fight to the last ditch for us—For I believe is “us“.

Now Honey—you be sure and take a good rest (when) after you get home.

I saw that Eggleston yesterday—He hadn’t even noticed the postmark—He also said that it was his picture he sent—Said it must of been the the way the picture was develloped.—That guy only writes to about a jillion girls. Ha.

Well Honey—altho it is only about 3:00 I suppose we had better go back to Camp as there is nothing to do here


[verso of page 3]

Until Tomorrow Sweetheart

I’ll say

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

My Honey?

(         )



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