15 July 1942

I couldn’t recreate Walt’s sketch of the organizer he sewed from thrown out shirts, but I did turn it around and enlarge it a bit in the transcript. And I put the text above it in brackets.

A transcript follows the letter images.








July 15, 1942.

Hello Ruth,

I got two letters today, hurrah! I had been waiting patiently for them!

I’m glad your mother approves of our plans—If I just “flunk out” on my examinations now I’ll (we’ll) be all set.

I) The thing that I want to make you understand is that I don’t want you to think I’m placing the “Air Cadets” before you. If I tho’t for a minute you would let that idea enter your head I wouldn’t have tried for it. Personally I think we would be much better off if I could get some experience along that line. It would mean a much better job afterwards and consequently we would be better off. I suppose we or I or we might just as well forget about it for I probably won’t pass the exams anyway.


You ought to see the sewing I’ve been doing tsk, tsk. They brought a some burlap (shirt) sack full of rags up to the garage. They had a bunch of shirts in them—Some of them just had torn sleeves. So I picked out a few of them and —Presto I took the back of one—sewed a piece across the bottom and made it so it would button (accross) across the top—Presto—a place for underwear,—I sewed another back together is the form of [sketch of a rectangle] and buttoned it above the first one a place for Handtowels, bath towels etc. Then I took two pockets and sew them above this [arrow to previous sketch]—A place for Hankies. And two more on top the (w) underwear holder—Ha—Then I sewed a coat hanger on the top and—Hocus pocus—Okay—Unh

[Walt’s sketch text: This one is removable as it buttons on and also buttons shut]



You know the hike or trip I told you we were taking—well—The whole 15th Cavalry went but Service Troop.—(Ints) Isn’t that the nuts. They decided that they didn’t have enough transportation for one thing—And that since there were so many in the 3rd echelon (and they didn’t need it) that they just wouldn’t take us—We got hooked!

Say Honey—Tell me something I ought to have remembered—when did I give you your ring—Was it near your birthday—I think I told you it was to be you birthday present and then got the “Blue Danube” or am I wrong—Probably—My mind is slipping or (slipped) already done slipped.

Fields hadn’t recieved a letter for two days and is kind of worried. Pierce says (h) everytime he gets a letter from his girl she gives him the devil for something—Ha—He ask her to come out here—Ha—She wrote back and told him she was going to save some


money while he is here as she knew he never would—Wow!—was he burned up. Ha. He said she was going to buy them a house while he is in the Army.

A wrench slipped yesterday and I tore a big piece of skin of my finger and is it sore. Maybe I’ll learn some day.

Honey—I sure wish I had my “Honey” here so I could put my arm around her and see if she would give me one of those sweet kisses I know she will save for me. I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to wait long (of) for one of them, will I? Sure I new I wouldn’t have to. Just kiding.

Shure, and I wish “My Honey” was sitting (nuts) sitting along aside of of me now. But maybe it won’t be too long unh?


Well, My Sweetheart—The sun is going down or in fact it has gone down, and as it is the only light we have here I suppose I’ll have to close the gates—

Until (tommor) Damn it.

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx)


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