17 July 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.







July 17, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

Sweetheart, x xxxx xxx [arrow pointing to next line]

I guess you know that don’t you? “Sho nuff.”

The letter I recieved yesterday and the one I [ditto mark under recieved] today are two of the nicest ones I’ve got from you—They all are nice but I guess it was the subject and your opinion that I liked.

I also got one from Mom today. She said I could write and tell her the news as she already knew about it. I guess your mother and her had a (confaf) “confab”—So she said.

She sure does think a lot of you. She said that you are a very nice, quiet girl and that we were old enough to know what we wanted


to do. She also said something else that I liked—About you—or rather what you think about me—Ha—I liked that part a lot.—She didn’t have to tell me that tho—Because you’ve told me that yourself—lots of times—I don’t get tired of it tho.

I was rather sorry that I applied for the “Cadets” after I recieved these two letters—for I know you hadn’t recieved it yet—when you wrote them. Everything will “clear up” alright tho—Or I’ll make arrangements so they will.

I was sorry to hear about my Uncle “going West”—I used to work for him and we liked each other a lot. I’ll have to write a letter to his wife and to save me I can’t think of what to say—I reckon I’ll think of something tho—Usually do.—Ha.


I hope I get the pictures tomorrow. I want to get a good look at them. Then I’ll send them back so you can save them. I hope that someday we can (th) take some similar one. I mean you and I together.

Mom said I had a cousin flying bombers in Mass.—Ha I didn’t even know he was in the Army.

Man alive! is it ever hot—When they stand retreat or Guard Mount—Somebody “passes out” every day—From standing in the sun. Hot stuff, unh?

I just came back from “chow”—All I consumed  was three cups of Agua. It was too hot to eat.

I don’t know whether I told you or not—but we go on maneuvers Sept 4. or close to that date. They are so changeable that one never knows.


If things work out right I think your idea of getting married on your birthday is O.K.—(W) Not for the saving factor but it is just a good idea. After all—Wouldn’t I make a good birthday present—Ha—I’m not conceited am I? Well anyway—I got a 1st class present on my last birthday. The best in the land.

Well Honey—My half a brain has quit rolling over—So—Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x  xxxx xxx


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