21 July 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






July 21, 1942.

Hello Dearest:—

How is my Honey tonight? I see by todays letter she is a hard working young lady. Cleaning house, and what have you.—

Pierce and I went to the P.X last evening and didn’t get back in time to write. I’m not excusing myself as it is my fault and it makes me feel kind of cheap when you write every nite.—I sure do look for those letters—every day—If I don’t get one at noon I sure do growl.—Ha.

My application is made out and the Troop Commander is going to see that I get some recomendations. I talked to him for about 1/2 hr. today.—He seems like a nice fellow.


Pierce and I are going to Fort Riley tonight.—I want to get a math book and a Geometry book, + a couple on Geography from the Library. I will have to do a little studying—Darn it. I don’t know where I’ll find a quiet place to do it in.

It was a little cooler here today, a big storm went around us last night and helped cool it off. (T)

I believe I made “Corp. Technician,” effective tomorrow.—I hope—Well—The Troop C.O. told me I did so I guess that makes it O.K. Unh? That will mean $66.00 a mo.—Don’t tell anybody until I let you know for sure.


So you are going to frame the picture unh? (Memorys) Memories of the C.R.T.C.—Ha—I’m glad they are just memories—I sure wouldn’t want to go back there. One thing—I sure did recieve a lot of nice letters from my “Honey” while I was there.

Thats nothing tho—I’m still getting them just as nice or nicer.

Well Honey

Pierce is ready to “take off”

So I will say

Goodnight Sweetheart or

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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