24 July 1942

Apparently Ruth has taken a trip to Michigan and written to Walt from there.

A transcript follows the letter images.







July 24, 1942.

Hello Ruth:—

I Love You,

This is a funny world isn’t it? I never expected to be in Kans. long—but I’m here (too long)—A(n) visit from you wasn’t quite expected, but it happened and it sure was (illegible cross out) pleasant while it lasted but it didn’t last long enough—Now I’m getting letters from a girl in Mich.—That’s the last straw—Ha.

I sure hope you are having a ple nice time—From your first letter I gather it is a nice place.—I hope someday we can take a long trip together—Just you and I—Wouldn’t that be nice,—I hope to tell you it would—

I got books and have been studing. It’s kind of hard to get back in


groove—I should say—it is hard to get in the move over into it as I don’t know as I ever was in it. It comes back to me better then I tho’t it would tho.—I don’t suppose I’ll ever absorb enough to pass the test tho—But—one can try—can’t one? Yes one can.

I’ve been told 3 times now that I made a Corp. rating. The papers haven’t come out yet but I think I did.—At least our Capt. and Master Sgt. told me. I hope I did. I have I am suppose to help run the parts trucks—I mean—drive one truck and help keep files of parts in order and of course the parts also—We will have 5 trucks cop completely full and will probably be able to use more.


I started to keep my diary again after skipping over a month—I just wrote down the main events. I will try to keep it up for awhile again. I don’t have much time to study as it gets dark about 9 or 9:30 and there are no lights—So—

By the way—I wish I could write as well when there is light as you can when you can’t even see. I sure wish I could be there with you, doggone it anyway—Oh well—I’m sure our day will come—And when it does—Say Honey—Love me?—you do?—I Love You—Sure I do.

I    I    you

I  love  you

I   you   you


Well Honey—Guess I’ve said about all I can think of—So before I start repeating myself to much I will say

Until tomorrow

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

very, very much

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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