25 July 1942

I have no idea what to call those symbols/markings that Walt has put on the back of the envelope. I guess the letter arrangement below it is a key, but I can’t find the lock—Ha. From that key, I can make the translation, but did he make it up or is it a childhood game/invention? So much for the Internet. I hate it when you have to already know something to be able to look it up.

A transcript follows the letter images.








July 25, 1942.

Hello Ruth;

How is my sweetest little sweetheart tonight? I hope she doesn’t feel as blue as I do. Know what I think of when I get blue—

“I’m thinking tonight of my blue eyes,
As I lay under blue Kansas skies.
I’m thinking tonight of her only
And I wonder if she ever thinks of me.”

It’s a hill billy but it expresses the feeling anyway.

Fields’ parents are coming down to see him tonight and he thinks they are bringing his girl with them. Lucky guy. I’m glad


for him but I wish they were bringing my girl—I should say I wish she was coming to see me tonight, or I wish I was flying to Mich. to see her.

Nothing especialy happened today. Didn’t do much. I guess that isn’t knews tho, as we haven’t done anything worth while is 6 mos. or so.

To use a familiar saying—”I’m flat ass broke tonight” as usual and there isn’t a thing to do except lay around and “moon”—might just as well be sleeping or drunk and there isn’t enough money in the crowd or good enough beer in Kans— and I’m not sleepy.—I could be (sleeping b) studing but I don’t feel like it. I’m in a “mell of a hess” am I not?


Two of the fellows out of the garage are going to “Tank school” at Fort Knox, Kentucky. One of them (is f) lives about 20 mi. out of Detroit. The other is from Nebra.—Did you know that Fields doesn’t live far from there either? You did. O.K.—You didn’t? Well, he does.

Remember I ask you about your letters that I sent back—I was thinking I had mailed them,—but I hadn’t. I found a dozen or so in my (R) raincoat pocket.—We utilize all our pockets and every nook and cranny to put our belongings in. I sent 4 or five (four or 5) back last night—I think I will send the rest tonight.

Do you have a kiss for me


tonight Honey—I guess you’ll have to send it long distance if you do—and I’m pretty sure you do. Send it by telepathy—That telepathy is getting to be old stuff but I guess we will have to (get used) use it for awhile yet. I know another good reason why a soldier craves a few drinks—If he (th) has nothing to do and just thinks about his girl who is far away and there is nothing he can do about it but just keep on thinking—Well—a few shots would come in handy (and maybe)—well I guess that isn’t a very good idea but that’s what they do.—I’m not tho—I don’t have the gold—Ha—Good reason, unh?—Well—Honey, I needn’t waste anymore paper—you know what I mean—No use starting a new sheet—So

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart I Love you

I Love you, I love you! x Walt x

Note inside envelope:

I love you more, more everyday.

x Walt x



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