26 July 1942

Perhaps Ruth is visiting Greenfield Village while in Michigan, prompting Walt to mention that he has heard about it.

A transcript follows the letter images.







July 26, 1942

Miss Ruth (Darling) Dailey,

Hello Sweetheart, of course you are my sweetheart aren’t you? Thank you, I tho’t you were. At least I’ve heard rumors to that effect and I assure you it is a compliment to a fellow when a girl like you says that you are his sweetheart.

If I can be enough of a man to deserve a girl like you I’ll say I’ve been very successful. Well—enough of that for the present—I’ll take up where I left off later.

Field’s mother and dad “pulled in” this morning and they didn’t bring his girl with them as she couldn’t get off from work. Fields and his parents + Pierce and I went for a ride today and took some pictures—They are very nice people and I’m glad


I met them. I suppose Fields will be running around tomorrow with his head hanging low—You don’t feel so good after your mother or father or both and especially (your) when your girlfriends leaves. I know it was like (plgn) pulling the sun out of the sky when you left. But that old sun is going to make up for lost time some day and we’ll live in the land of “The Midnight Sun”—24 hrs. a day. The only time it will rain will be when we can use it to our advantage and the sun will shine brighter after a storm. We need rain once in a while to wash the dirt off the leaves and to clear the air a little.—Ha—You’ld think I was talking about the weather but I’m not.

Talk about a lucky guy—I got two letters and a card from you today—wasn’t that swell—sure was.


Mark Ellenwood was telling me (off) about Greenfield Village—I would like to see it—But the main reason I’d want to go somewhere would be to see you.

Oh yes—my sweet little darling, I want to tell you something. First I’m just going to tell you and then I’ll ask you and then, altho I can’t enforce it,—I’m telling you that you had better do it. Know what it is—It is about picture shows or Theatres or Cinemas or what ever you want to call them—Don’t you dare to stop going to them—Do you think I don’t know how well you like to go to a show.—Say.—All the more a show costs you might just as well go—You have to do something besides sit around the house, you can’t stay in all the time—


Better go out Honey—I don’t want my girl sitting around the house and not getting any enjoyment out of life all on account of me—No Sir—you just go to a show or anyplace else you feel like going. It sure won’t cause any hard feelings here—In fact I’d much rather have you doing something to occupy your time. Seeeeeeeee

Say—your still my sweetheart aren’t you? I guess you know I love you don’t you? Well—I do.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I’m sending the pictures back tonight—It seems to me that some were missing. I think you’ll be missing one two.


Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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