30 July 1942

Ruth has moved out or is moving out of her parents’ home, apparently for a job in a nearby city. The envelope is addressed to her in Warren, Ohio, but also marked unkown by the post office, so maybe we’ll hear how it found its way to the right address in another letter.

This letter has no closing, which is very odd, but perhaps that is part of the mystery of the letter being misdirected. and being resent.

A transcript follows the letter images.








July 30, 1942

Hello Dearest,

I sure recieved a nice letter from you tonight (evening). So your leaving Youngstown are you?

I’ll bet your mother won’t think much of that idea. Maybe it will do you good to live away from home for awhile—(you won’t have your dear old Grandmother nagging you anyway). That ought to be worth something—I’ll bet your Dad will miss you, oh well, you will be home over the week ends.

I hope you like your job, it don’t sound bad, and $100.00 isn’t to be sneezed at. It will be quite a load in your purse after carrying around the proceeds from


your former job.—Ha.—Don’t let that cousin or neice [above line niece; below line (or sompin)] or give you any new ideas—(just kidding Honey)—If Twila couldn’t give you any ideas I guess I’m safe unh?

Say I feel kind of silly or (sompin) saying this, but you ask me. I’ve tho’t for sometime that just in case I ever had to “cross the water,” I’d like to have something from you to wear or carry or something. And since my birthday is coming up I’ll (suggest) suggest it. I’d like to have a ring. You can use your own judgement on what it will be or if you get any better ideas—carry them out.

[unnumbered page 3]

Kind of hesitate after each verse.


Suzzane was a lady
with plenty of class
who knocked ’em all dead
when she wiggled her

Eyes at the fellows
as girls sometimes do
to make it quite plain
that she is aching to

Take in a movie
or go for a sail
an then hurry home
for a nice piece of

Chocolate cake and
a slice of roast duck
for after a meal
she was ready to

Go for a ride or
a stroll on the dock
with any young man
with a sizable

Roll of bills and
a pretty good front
and if he talked fast
she would show him her

Lily white hand with
a movement so quick
and then she’d reach over
and tickle his

Chin while she showed him
a trick learned in France
and asked the poor fellow
to take off his

Coat while she sang of
the Indiana shore
for whatever she was
Suzzane was no bore

—what do you think?


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