11 June 1942

You can see in this letter a few places where sweat dropped on the paper and left ink smudges, as Walt mentions.

A transcript follows the letter images.










June 11, ’42

Hello Ruth:—

How are you tonight? I hope you aren’t as warm as I am—I’ll bet it is 110° or 115° if it’s a degree—and I’m not “kiding”—You ought to of seen us eating tonight, every time our jaws came together a drop of “piss-peration would fall off our chin.—Wow.—

We are still taking the trucks out—we made 107 mi. today. Mine is going into the garage tomorrow as there is a noise in the transmission and they want to find out what it is. I hope it is nothing serious as I hate to see a new truck


tore down and repaired—it never seems to be the same.

I didn’t write last night as I went to a show at Fort Riley with Rummel and didn’t get back until 10:05 and it was as black as pitch, or blacker, and I couldn’t quite see to write, so I hope you’ll pardon me. O.K.? O.K.

I’m glad the $50.00 [or 50:00 with no dollar sign] bill went (thrw) thru as I sure can use the money and so can the rest of the fellows. Maybe I can buy a few things then—Hope a hope—Yes sir, Amen, Whoopee.

Well you want to hear rumors even if they are


rumors unh?—well—

There was a list of all the fellows names in the troop (who) except those who just had a furlough and every one who wanted one told the troop clerk and he put a mark alongside your name—that is as far as I got—Now all they have to do is pick it out (my name) of 150 or 160 others—there will probably be 20 or 25 get them—So you can see there isn’t much chance—Boy I hope your fortune teller knew what she was talking about


otherwise I’ll be sunk again and will have to wait another month. I sure hope not as I sure do want to see you—More then I ever did.

If you see any wet spots on here—don’t worry it is sweat droping off my forehead—it has been droping all round and on me.

It is cooler when you perspire tho—If we didn’t I reckon we’d burn up.

Don’t worry about me dating Twila—I’ll let her help the other soldiers out—She’s O.K. but I know someone that I like much better very much better—very, very much more.


So Ruby wears ankle socks anyway unh?—Good for her—Let her wear what she wants—I like hose much better on a date, that is if it is at night and going somewhere—but—I think they are perfectly all right when it is hot and daylight and around home or work or sports—everything in its place—you know me—I’m so orderly—Yeah—I never have anything in its place Ha—Maybe I’d be better off if I was more orderly.


Well Honey—I reckon I’d better say good

Until Tomorrow

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

– –––– –––

Cross your fingers and they might call my name.


x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

– –––– –––


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