13 June 1942

Okay, I’m old, but I still had to look up dentifrice. I sure hope it wasn’t a powder that Walt was using to brush his teeth—that sounds messy.

Walt is jealous that Ruth got to go to his family reunion. I was taken to that reunion for many years when I was young. It was called the Sibley Mong reunion, and I always assumed that those were two last names, even though my grandmother had a brother named Sibley Mong, but maybe it was just named for him.

The Franklin/Oil City, PA area had a rather well known businessman and politician with the last name Sibley. He was the founder of Galena Oil, a refinery in Oil City, and built a huge, famous house often referred to as Sibley Castle overlooking the Allegheny River. I know some of my relatives worked at the refinery, but I don’t know if there was any family relation between all the men named Sibley in my family and this Sibley. I haven’t found it, anyway.

A transcript follows the letter images.







June 13, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

How are you this fine evening? O.K. I hope.

(illegible ink blots on writing) Know what I’m doing? I got a box from Aunt Ruth with my “trunks” and glasses + cookies, candy, peanuts, shaving cream, dentifrice, etc.

Well—3 or 4 of a guys and I are sittin around eating—I’m not very hungry so they are doing most of the eating—I went to a show last night with Rummel—He took me—O.K. Unh?—Yep.

We are still breaking in the trucks—I like that.


Sure wish I could of been home today—I would have liked very much to have gone to the reunion with you all—How was it O.K.?

Maybe you saw some of my uncles who looked rather like me—or I like them—Which is probably not much of a compliment to them or me—I don’t think they had it at a very good place tho—The only thing I would of liked about the place is—I would of been able to see the river and hills—I sure do miss them.


I (thik) think it is one of the prettiest places—I mean the surrounding country—Much better then this anyway—

I am planing to go to Manhattan tonight with Rummel—probably will see a show and maybe (to) go riding tomorrow. I would like to.

I wish they would pull the names for furloughs pretty soon—I might as well be disappointed now as later.

I got a letter from Aunt Ruth or did I tell you—She gave you a nice compliment that I liked a lot.


It was a little cooler this morning as it rained—Felt rather pleasant for a change—


Rummel is here so I will say

Until tomorrow

I love you very, very much

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx



2 thoughts on “13 June 1942

  1. thane0

    I remember Uncle Earl explaining that his grandmother (great-grandmother?) adored the Sibley’s, and started naming kids Sibley. I don’t think there is any actual relationship between the Mongs and Sibleys beyond the naming habit.


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