14 June 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.







June 14, 1942

Hello Honey:—

Sunday afternoon and here I am again. I came in to Manhattan with Rummel last night and stayed all night at the U.S.O.

We went horseback riding last night and our sense of direction became slightly confused and straightway h we were lost and instead of riding an hour as we first intended we rode 2 hours and a half before we got back at the stables—Ha—Some fun unh? We had a lovely pair of horses and they could go like the wind—It was nice out but there was no moon and


it was pretty black.—My horse fell once and I had to leave it rather unexpectedly—Neither of us were hurt tho—Lucky.

Someday—if you wish, I would like to teach you to ride—It sure is a nice sport.

We went to church this morning for a change—The first real church I’ve been to since I left Youngstown—Guess I should go more often Unh? Yeah.

We are going riding again in a little while for a little while.

I’m not supposed to be absent


from camp today—Hope they don’t catch me—I sure hope my luck holds out today—Oh me!

Well Honey—It is 1:00 and we are supposed to be at the stables at 2:00. So I reckon we had better get started—If nothing happens I will write a long letter tomorrow—So—

Until tomorrow—

I love you

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

x Walt x


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