15 June 1942

Walt gets fancy with the letter heading, but I’m not even gonna note the angled lines in the transcript!

A transcript follows the letter images.












Walter Pittman                                   June 15, 1942


Hello Honey:—

Here I am again. I love you! Funny?—No—Anybody would love you, but not as much as (you) I do. They just couldn’t.—

I sure do like your new stationary—It’s lovely—Sure! I mean it—Sure I do. All kiding aside, it is as nice as any I have seen in my long “career.” It is kind of expressive in itself, No? Yes!

Rummel and I went riding yesterday as I told you. We had a good time. I thing we must have (ridden) rode about 10 mi. It was fun. But, am I sore and stiff—my legs fairly creak when they bend—Oh, Oh. But if I get more pay I am going again.


Our horses were perfect and so was the day. All in all the whole thing was perfect except that—Rummel said he wished I was his girl instead of me, and I told him he didn’t set my heart on fire either. Someday maybe you and I can go for a ride—if not on a horse maybe a canoe—I’d be more then willing to just walk once more thru a park with you.

You know Honey, this is the middle of June allready—It could of been much (nic a) nicer and could of been used to better advantage if a few things hadn’t of interfered, but I’m hoping this old world keeps rolling—for if it does there will be another June—If not June—any other month will be more then welcome. Yes.

About this fellow and girl,—The religion wouldn’t bother me in the least—but I would sure think the epileptic fit idea over a few times—


wouldn’t you?

You know—you wrote something that made me smile a little—I don’t know how to explain and not make you misunderstand me—It’s about Jean Dailey.

You know—I had a cousin in the same fix once, and it wasn’t “that,” that made me smile; it was the consternation that registered on the faces of some of the dear old souls who were Aunts of hers. My oh My—Tsk-Tsk—It was tragic. Well I’ll tell you—

It was tragic for a while—It is a shame how some people turn their noses up in the air—but—it blows over after a while. Personally I’d like to take the snobs and crack their heads together. They forget they were (illegible cross out) young once. Maybe I’m too modern unh? Well maybe—It shouldn’t happen but when it does—They need more help and less snobs.

I had a friend once who was married “on the spur of the moment” and I think they get along just a good


as anybody I know of—Better then lots of couples—I think just as much of both of them—maybe more, for they had a stiff fight to put up for a while. They were in love before and more after.—Now if some babe and some guy go out and “Bingo”—Well—that is not so good—I don’t like that a bit but as I say there are exceptions that turn out O.K.

Now I don’t know Jean Dailey or anything about her—but she’ll have a tough time for a while—(but) More power to her—and I hope he isn’t a dope. So much for that—I guess I must of got started in high gear unh? Funny what will start me going. Ha.

Feel a (could) (cou) cold coming on unh?—Been sneezing huh? No fun unh?—No your darn right it isn’t. Maybe it is hay fever—this is a funny time to catch a cold—But women are queer creatures unh?—Oh I don’t know—I(m) think maybe I’m getting a slight cold myself and besides queer or not—I know a creature (angel) that


I think is adorable. In fact, I know she is. The most adorable—the (lov) most lovable girl I know of. I’ll tell you so if you ever meet her you’ll meet know her—She so sweet you just couldn’t mistake her for anyone else—She’ll go where you want to, do what you want to—even if she doesn’t want to—You have to be careful or you can’t tell—for she will go whether she feels up to it or not—She’s funny that way but nice—Most girls would tell you to come back again or sompin—but she won’t.

The “Half picture—whole story” you sent me was allright.—Rather appropriate with your spaniel—you, me—my truck, barracks bag, rifle etc.

Finally “hemed” [above line mm] and “hawed” your dress—Fine—”Fine ting.” I’ve a shirt—minus a button—want a job. I’m not much of a housewife even if I can iron—ha.

We took the trucks out again today—a couple of hundred more miles and the breakin stage will be over—I don’t know what we will do then—Probably


work as mechanics again. I like the driving best.

I’ve sit here and wrote so long that my _____ is going to sleep—I think I ought to stand up and stretch →that word—. [stick figure] Ho. Hum. looks like I was lisping, you know—tongue tied or sompin—When you see me mispell a word you should  correct me—I don’t mind. Maybe I would do better then. Think so?

Well Honey—I guess I’ve “gabbed” enough for one night—Oh yeah—I heard Beatrice Kay tonight and almost “split”—I like her part of the program.


Until Tomorrow

short hand unh? Iove you

I Love You

x Walt x

Goodnight Sweetheart

x xxxx xxx

– –––– –––



Items in clipping identified as Walt noted in letter:

Your cocker spaniel
Barracks bag

Some story

Note inside envelope:

Notice the return address


x xxxx xxx



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