17 June 1942

More about Walt’s family reunion. He mentions a few of his favorite aunts and uncles and one not-so-favorite aunt. These would all be from his mother’s family, her brothers and sisters. Apparently Walt’s Aunt Irma is married to Walt’s favorite uncle, Harry Harrison Mong. Too bad we don’t get to hear why Harry was a favorite, but Walt thinks Ruth wouldn’t be interested.

A transcript follows the letter images.






June 17, 1942

Jello Again Honey:— I Love You:—

What did I tell you it is Hot! again! too, too hot.

So you went to the reunion unh?—I would have liked to have gone with you but one of my more influential relatives decided that I shouldn’t—and who am I to say no.—No!—I can say it but it doesn’t do me any good.

Yep—(Unl) Uncle Sib usually is the life of the party and Uncle Ed is a close second. And Aunt Grace is the one I do like and Aunt Hazel is the one I don’t care so much for. I think Aunt Grace is very nice. I like Aunt Erma or Irma or the one from Ak(R)ron. I like her husband the best of all my Uncles—He has several faults but I like him anyway.

So much for relation—They aren’t a very good subject from me to you but I like it allright when it is coming from you to me. I could talk about a lot of them and you wouldn’t


know them—but I know all the ones you write about, so I’ll try and change the subject to something that will interest you—I don’t know what it will be tho. It is so hot I can’t think—Never can unh?—

There is so much noise I can’t hardly hear the wheels in my head turn.

There are a lot of dirty stories floating around here tonight but none fit for a letter or voice either.

We drove again today—as per usual.

Now that I’ve my trunks I’m busted and can’t go swimin!

I hear we won’t get our $50.00 this mo. but will get 50. + 20 the next mo.

Haven’t heard anything about the (fux) furloughs—guess I’ll just quit thinking about them and maybe one will pop up. Well Honey—

Until Tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note inside envelope:




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